University of Washington School of Public Health

CEPH Re-Accreditation 2012-13: Appendices

All documents in PDF format.

  1. Criterion 1: The School of Public Health
    1. Mission
      Appendix 1.1.E.i Strategic Plan
      Appendix 1.1.E.ii UW SPH Strategic Plan Survey Analysis
      Appendix 1.1.E.iii List of Interviewed Key Stakeholders
      Appendix 1.1.F Strategic Plan One Page Handout
    2. Evaluation
      Appendix 1.2.A.i 2011 & 2012 Annual Provost Reports
      Appendix 1.2.A.ii Graduate School Review Committee Reports
      Appendix 1.2.A.iii SPH Student Exit Survey 2009 | 2010 | 2011
      Appendix 1.2.A.iv SPH Exit Survey | Graduate Exit Survey
      Appendix 1.2.A.v SPH Alumni Survey
    3. Institutional Environment
      Appendix 1.3.A Other Accrediting Body Reports

    4. Organization & Administration
      Appendix 1.4.C Interprofessional Education Report
      Appendix 1.4.D Department of Global Health MOU Between SPH and SOM
    5. Governance
      Appendix 1.5.A.i SPHEC Meeting Minutes
      Appendix 1.5.A.ii Faculty Council Bylaws
      Appendix 1.5.A.iii Faculty Council Minutes (Restricted)*
      Appendix 1.5.A.iv CEPC Charge
      Appendix 1.5.A.v CEPC Meeting Minutes
      Appendix Diversity Committee Bylaws
      Appendix 1.5.A.vii Distance Learning and Learning Technology Committee Minutes
      Appendix 1.5.A.viii Student Services Committee Minutes
      Appendix 1.5.B SPH Academic Affairs Handbook
      Appendix 1.5.D University Committee Membership
    6. Fiscal Resources
    7. Faculty & Other Resources
      Appendix 1.7.D Space Use by Department
      Appendix 1.7.E SPH Lab Space by Department
      Appendix 1.7.F SPH Computer Resources by Department
      Appendix 1.7.G Library Fact Sheet
    8. Diversity
      Appendix 1.8.A.i University of Washington Diversity Blueprint
      Appendix 1.8.A.ii Diversity Search Guidelines
      Appendix 1.8.A.iii Diversity Search Reporting Form
      Appendix 1.8.A.iv Diversity Report to SPEHC
  2. Criterion 2: Instructional Programs
    1. Degree Offerings
      Appendix 2.1.B SPH Academic Program Catalog
    2. Program Length
    3. Public Health Core Knowledge
      Appendix 2.3.A COPHP Curriculum
    4. Practical Skills
      Appendix 2.4.A.i MPH Practicum Syllabus
      Appendix 2.4.A.ii MPH Practicum Program Handbook
      Appendix 2.4.A.iii MPH Practicum Learning Contract
      Appendix 2.4.A.iv MPH Practicum Site Standard Affiliation Agreement
      Appendix 2.4.A.v MPH Practicum Site Supervisor Handbook
      Appendix MPH Practicum Site Supervisor Student Evaluation
      Appendix 2.4.A.vii MPH Practicum Waiver Application
      Appendix 2.4.B Practicum Site Listing
    5. Culminating Experience
      Appendix 2.5.A COPHP Capstone Handbook
    6. Required Competencies
      Appendix 2.6.B Program Specific Competencies
      Appendix 2.6.C.i Competencies Mapping – CEPH Data Template 2.6.1
      Appendix 2.6.C.ii Syllabi (Restricted)*
      Appendix 2.6.C.iii UW Course Schedules
    7. Assessment Procedures
      Appendix 2.7.B Degree Completion – CEPH Data Template 2.7.1
    8. Other Graduate Professional Degrees
    9. Bachelor’s Degrees in Public Health
      Appendix 2.9.C.i BA/BS Public Health Program Requirements
      Appendix 2.9.C.ii BS Environmental Health Program Requirements
    10. Other Bachelor’s Degrees
      Appendix 2.10.A BS in HIHIM Program Requirements
    11. Academic Degrees
    12. Doctoral Degrees
      Appendix 2.12.D Required/Recommended Coursework for PhD Programs
    13. Joint Degrees
      Appendix 2.13.A Graduate School Memorandum No. 35, Concurrent Degree Programs
      Appendix 2.13.B Potentially Substitutable Field Experiences in SOM, PA, SW
    14. Distance Education or Executive Degree Programs
  3. Criterion 3: Creation, Application, and Advancement of Knowledge
    1. Research
      Appendix 3.1.C.i Research Activity – CEPH Data Template 3.1.1 (Principal Investigator Roles)
      Appendix 3.1.C.ii Research Activity – CEPH Data Template 3.1.1 (Non-Principal Investigator Roles)
    2. Service
      Appendix 3.2.A Affiliation Agreements
      Appendix 3.2.C.i Faculty Service Activities – CEPH Data Template 3.2.1
      Appendix 3.2.C.ii Funded Service Activity – CEPH Data Template 3.2.2
      Appendix 3.2.E Description of Student Capstone Projects
    3. Workforce Development
      Appendix 3.3.B Externally Funded Work-force Development/Training Support – CEPH Data Template 3.3.1
  4. Criterion 4: Faculty, Staff, and Students
    1. Faculty Qualifications
      Appendix 4.1.A.i Current Primary Faculty Supporting Degree Offerings by Specialty Area – CEPH Data Template 4.1.1
      Appendix 4.1.A.ii SPH Faculty CVs (Restricted)*
      Appendix 4.1.B Other Faculty Used to Support Teaching Programs – CEPH Data Template 4.1.2
    2. Faculty Policies and Procedures
    3. Student Recruitment and Admissions
      Appendix 4.3.A Examples of Recruitment Materials
      Appendix 4.3.D Information on Applicants, Acceptances, and Enrollments, 2010 to 2012 – CEPH Data Template 4.3.1
    4. Advising and Career Counseling
      Appendix 4.4.D.i Graduate School Memorandum No. 33, Grievance Procedures
      Appendix 4.4.D.ii Post-Doctoral Fellows Grievance Procedures