University of Washington School of Public Health

UW SPH Merchandise Guidelines

All organizations who wish to produce merchandise (T-shirts, cups, bottles, etc.) bearing the University of Washington logo or the UW School of Public Health logo must follow these guidelines.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the UW SPH  logo usage guidelines and the UW logo usage guidelines before you start your design.
  2. SPH offers a special logo with text “UW School of Public Health” wrapped in a curve beneath the Soul Catcher for merchandise.
  3. Familiarize yourself with UW Trademark and Licensing process:
  4. Submit your design with the SPH logo to SPH Communications at for approval, include what your merchandise will be and how it will be distributed (for sale, as a prize, etc.).
  5. Once your design is okayed by SPH Communications, submit it to  - they have a quick approval turn around and can help you with choosing a vendor.
  6. You must use a UW-approved vendor for your merchandise. UW Vendor List

Use of non-approved vendors may open you or your organization to trademark infringement liability.

Tips for a smooth merchandise experience:

  1. Plan ahead!  All parties involved in the process are committed to timely responses, but cannot approve or produce merchandise at the last minute.   Your merchandise may take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive after ordering.
  2. Figure out your budget and find out the best payment method from your finance person. Be sure to keep and submit receipts.
  3. When inquiring with a vendor about pricing, you are encouraged to always ask if the quoted price includes royalties. Some licensees build the cost of royalties into the selling price of the item, whereas some simply add the cost on during final invoicing. To ensure an apples to apples comparison, ask for royalties to be included with the quote.  Royalties are paid to the UW directly by the vendor. The only items exempt from royalties are those items produced for use as uniforms or giveaways used to promote University programs or events.
  4. Vendor can also give input on best file type and resolution needed for type of merchandise, and how your design will look on your type of merchandise – bags, mug, etc.