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Industrial Hygienist 3 - Western Washington University EHS

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Location: Bellingham, WA
Full-time position
Closing Date: open until filled
Job #11053
Posted: January 25, 2017
About the Position: The Industrial Hygienist 3 develops and implements the WWU Laboratory Safety Inspection program, inspects WWU laboratory facilities, equipment and operations to ensure compliance.  This position is also responsible for surveillance of laboratory personnel exposure to hazardous chemicals.

This position is part of a Public School Employees of WWU bargaining union.  New employees are required to meet the membership requirements of the current collective bargaining agreement within 30 calendar days of employment.
About the College/Department: The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Department is an administrative department within the Business and Financial Affairs division whose mission is to provide support for the Western community in efforts to keep ourselves and our environment healthy and safe. 
Position Responsibilities:
  • Develop and coordinate major components of an Industrial Hygiene Program including, but not limited to, lab safety, asbestos, and surveillance of exposures to hazardous materials
  • Conduct laboratory safety inspections and safety assessments
    • Independently conduct complex inspections of University research and academic laboratories to assess existing and potential health hazards, and determine compliance with University policies and numerous applicable regulations
  • Serve as the University’s Chemical Hygiene Officer
  • Perform consultation surveys of University laboratory spaces to detect and eliminate any existing and potential health hazards
  • Determine and evaluate high-level hazardous atmospheres and chemical processes in laboratories
  • Conduct and review post-accident and safety violation investigations pursuant to University policies and procedures, and federal and state laws and regulations
  • Present reports of inspections to laboratory personnel, University management and safety personnel, covering the inspection conducted, the findings and the minimum standards which must be met through remedial measures; follow-up to check progress and effectiveness of changes instituted; recommend the extent to which enforcement actions are needed for cases of non-compliance
  • Develop and coordinate implementation of program methods to minimize levels of occupational health hazards and community pollutants
  • Determine survey evaluation plans for surveillance of personnel exposure to hazardous chemicals as needed; surveys may include conducting interviews, opening and closing conferences, preparing final reports, gathering samples of air, dust, liquids, or other materials; as well as using direct reading instruments for measurement of noise, non-ionizing radiation, vibration, temperatures, and chemical contamination
  • Develop procedures for maintenance of laboratory inspection information systems
  • Advise University personnel in lower level industrial hygiene investigations of low complexity situations as needed
  • Develop and implement an asbestos management program, including collecting bulk and air quality monitoring samples, performing laboratory analyses for asbestos, analyzing data, preparing reports and associated documents, performing pre-work hazard assessments, providing asbestos-related training, preparing specifications for management and removal projects, as appropriate, and maintaining applicable documentation
  • Develop procedures for maintenance of industrial hygiene information systems
  • Liaison, counsel and advise faculty/principal investigators, department staff, department safety officers, and relevant students and employees regarding laboratory safety practices, institutional policies and procedures, and relevant laws and regulations
  • Laboratory safety communications and outreach
  • Design, develop and publish educational communication materials for faculty/principle investigators, department safety coordinators, students, staff and other relevant personnel in coordination with appropriate department personnel
  • Provide routine updates and additional information on an as-needed or as-requested basis to the Laboratory and Chemical Safety Committee; attend Laboratory and Chemical Safety Committee meetings
  • Provide general and back-up department support for hazardous waste operations, confined space entry and rescue team, maintenance of administrative systems, and other programmatic needs as appropriate
  • Participate in required and recommended training
  • Respond to emergencies on campus, including non-business hours on occasion; enter personal access holes, tunnels and confined spaces
  • Other duties as assigned

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