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Health Education Program Specialist - Washington State Department of Corrections

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Location: Monroe, WA
Full-time position
Closing Date: open until filled
Job #11400
Posted: May 2, 2017


Application Process

If you are interested in applying and would like to be considered, please apply directly at, AND attach the following documents to your profile:

·       a current Resume, and 

·       Three Professional References - a professional reference is defined as an individual who has been paid to supervise your work and can attest to your work performance, technical skills, and job competencies. If you do not have sufficient professional references, please include non-related professionals, such as educators or other professional associates. 

We are looking for evidence in your application materials that you have the experience, skills, and abilities indicated in this job posting. Qualified applicants whose responses most closely match the requirements of this position may be invited to interview. Carefully review your application before submitting. All information may be verified and documentation may be required.  The initial screening will be solely based on the contents and completeness of the application materials submitted.


This position works in concert with the Health Services Manager 3 and other Health Services staff to provide health education in support of the Department’s mission to improve public safety, and the Health Services mission to provide necessary, comprehensive, quality health service, and to promote wellness in preparation for return to the community.

Key Responsibilities Include:

Facilitate Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshops – Obtain and maintain Stanford CDSMP Peer Facilitator and Master Training Certifications. Facilitate workshops of 6-15 inmates using the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program evidence-based curriculum with two trained offender facilitators. Work with MCC and WCCW facility staff to schedule time and space for trainings and workshops. Recruit inmates for workshops and peer facilitator trainings through various means; i.e. sign-up sheets, classification counselors, kiosk announcements, and health care providers.

Curriculum Planning/Development of the materials into content that will be presented to target population – develop health curricula; develop yearly plan of curricula and timelines; and develop/maintain a database of resources. 

Evaluate Chronic Disease Self-Management Program efficiency –Partner with the University of Washington researchers to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the Living Longer Stronger Chronic Disease Self-Management Program. Design and administer surveys to offenders in workshops., and collect and enter data from surveys.

Outreach with community partners to bring new health education resources and opportunities to MCC and WCCW – Maintain communication and partnership with Oregon Department of Corrections CDSMP staff. Work with Dept. of Health and Corrections Industries to put "healthier choice" food items on the commissary and provide health education component.



Required Qualifications

·       Bachelor degree in health education, community health sciences, public health, or related field from an accredited college or university whose accreditation is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA  

·       General knowledge of major areas of men’s and women’s health issues especially diabetes, aging, infectious disease, obesity, substance abuse, and nutrition.

·       Two year experience developing, planning, and /or delivering health education activities, especially for groups. 

An equivalent combination of education experience may substitute.

Desired Qualifications

·       Master degree in health education, community health, or health science with experience in education.


·       One (1) year of experience in development, planning, and coordination of health education activities, either on an individual or group basis.

·       One (1) year of experience in health program evaluation activities.

·       Subject matter expert and well informed of all aspects of health education/wellness especially aging, chronic illness, communicable disease, nutrition, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, mental health, and other areas of importance.

An equivalent combination of education experience may substitute.


The preferred candidate will also possess the following required competencies/qualifications and conditions of employment.

Be able to maintain and adhere to the continuing education requirements for the applicable professional credentials. Each employee much adhere to legislation and/or law changes that may affect current licensure and professional development.

Hold teamwork as an essential value especially with Nursing, Providers, and Physicians.

Be factual, have a relevant presentation style that is effective in delivery and be in conjunction with excellent people skills and communication style.

Be Knowledgeable of professional and personal limits and boundaries and be able to maintain regular and reliable attendance.

Supplemental Information

Veterans Preference Points Qualification:

In order to be eligible to receive Veterans Preference Points, as noted in the Agency Wide Questions, you will need to attach a legible copy of your DD214, Member 4 form, to your application OR email a copy to, by close of the job posting. If this information is not received by the closing date - no additional points will be applied to your final examination score.

’The mission of DOC is to improve public safety.’

For additional information about the agency, please visit
  • Please include a minimum of three professional references with your application. A professional reference is defined as an individual who has been paid to supervise your work and can attest to your work performance, technical skills, and job competencies. If you do not have any or sufficient professional references, please include non-related professionals, such as educators or other professional associates.
  • All DOC employees are fingerprinted for a criminal history background check.
  • Employees work with offenders in a potentially hazar

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