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Epidemiologist/Public Health Specialist - MITRE Corporation

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Full-time position
Closing Date: open until filled
Job #11407
Posted: May 8, 2017
Through the CMS Alliance to Modernize Healthcare(CAMH), MITRE exclusively serves in the public interest and helps to bring world-class expertise to bear on key challenges facing the nation. MITRE operates the CAMH federally- funded research and development center (FFRDC) on behalf of US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). MITRE serves as an objective, independent, not for profit advisor supporting many of the complex analysis and critical thinking requirements that encompass business, policy, technology, and operational interests across HHS.
The CAMH FFRDC is growing rapidly, particularly through increasing engagements with the Centers for disease control and prevention(CDC), The National Institutes of Health(NIH), and the Administration for Children and Families(ACF). These efforts are exceptional opportunities to have a substantial impact on health matters of national and international importance. MITRE is seeking additional staff with experience in Epidemiology and Public Health to work on CAMH engagements that will have a marked and long-lasting impact on the health of the American people. Please note that while this position is requires field experience in Epidemiology and Public Health, the position is for an advisory/consulting role.
 Location  MD, VA: Woodlawn or McLean
The successful candidate will advise federal (and state) stakeholders as these agencies seek to employ methods to better exchange, integrate, and utilize disparate public health data sets, and apply broad principles of public health, epidemiology, and/or biostatistics appropriately to improve public health studies. In this role, the candidate will analyze and evaluate existing processes and data sources to derive actionable recommendations to improve operational efficacy in the public health domain. They will create reports and presentations for both lay and professional public health audiences that disseminate finding and promote recommendations to improve efficacy. They will also coordinate multi-site, multi-agency, and multi-stakeholder initiatives to help advance key national public health objectives. some survey design support work may also be required, on an ad hoc basis.
Specialists in both chronic or infectious disease are strongly encouraged to apply. The successful candidate will have 6-10 years of applied epidemiological experience at the state, tribal, local or territorial level investigating disease outbreaks, recommending policy changes to prevent and control chronic and/or infectious diseases, advancing public health through health education, and/or applying evidence-based interventions. This will include experience producing statistical or analytical reports that require use of sociological behavior science, demographic, and/or epidemiologic techniques related to conditions and issues of public health concern (e.g. infectious diseases, chronic conditions, environmental health). Knowledge of the data standards and mechanisms used for data analysis, exchange, and storage is also required.
The ideal candidate will also have some or all of the following experience:
-Experience creating and/or leveraging resources through collaborative public and private partnerships to advance public health goals.
-Functional leadership experience in public health efforts, especially as concerns disease outbreak investigations, or public policy development and/or advocacy for infectious or chronic disease issues.
-Experience collaborating across internal and external stakeholders at the state, tribal, local or territorial levels and/or working with CDC.
-Experience working with the Federal Government in a consulting or advisory role is highly desirable.
-Knowledge of state and federal public health laws, including public health reporting.
-Knowledge of advanced statistical methods used in cutting-edge epidemiological work is desirable, but not required.
Desired education: The successful candidate will have a master’s or doctoral degree in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, or a related field(MPH, MS, PhD, DrPH)
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