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Executive Director - Jefferson County Community Health Improvement Plan - Jefferson Healthcare

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Location: Port Townsend, WA
Full-time position
Closing Date: open until filled
Job #11458
Posted: May 18, 2017

The Jefferson County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Executive Director (ED) provides executive leadership to CHIP efforts that will result in measurable health improvement outcomes in identified health priority areas for Jefferson county residents.

Under the general direction of the CHIP Steering Committee, the Executive Director will develop a CHIP leadership structure to oversee the recurring cycle of community health assessment and community health improvement planning. They will create a supportive system with a shared vision that fosters collaboration and collective impact over the long-term and increases the use of shared assessment and measurement function and features, and encourages interconnectivity for health improvements for Jefferson County residents.

The Jefferson County CHIP Executive Director is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and administering the operations involved in meeting the goals and objectives of the Jefferson County Community Health Improvement Plan.

The CHIP Executive Director may serve as a member of the CHIP steering committee and works collaboratively with Jefferson County Public Health and Jefferson Healthcare staff to carry out the purpose of the CHIP. They will make professional and technical decisions, exercising considerable independence in decision making on complex and significant issues related to the health improvement plan.

The CHIP Executive Director’s work brings together multiple stakeholders and interested parties to facilitate forward progress in improving the public’s health across Jefferson County. They ensure that lead agencies are clear on their specific roles, deliverables and accountabilities relative to the CHIP. They will foster effective communication among partners, with the broader Jefferson County communities, and will participate in necessary meetings to establish and support strong communication across larger regional health issues.

Essential Functions

  • Provides direction, administration and short- and long-term planning and evaluation for CHIP processes and of initiatives/programs tied to specific indicators and measures.
  • Leads strategic planning, priority setting, sustainability and assessment activities.
  • Develops a CHIP leadership structure to oversee the recurring cycle of community health assessment and community health improvement planning
  • Develops, manages budget and prepares financial reports for the Steering Committee and the Joint Governing Board.
  • Engages a wide representation of stakeholders to analyze data, evaluate evidence-based projects, and implement projects that can effectively improve the public’s health across Jefferson County.
  • Supports and assists lead agencies in implementation of their strategies to achieve the goals and objectives associated with those strategies.
  • Assesses needs for technical expertise and consultation. Makes recommendations for and procures consultant services within available budget.
  • Serves as the primary public representative and advocate for CHIP as empowered to do so by the governing body.
  • Develop communication tools and documents for use in communication about CHIP goals and achievements.
  • Develops and maintains strong collaborative relationships with local community groups and agencies to ensure ongoing stakeholder and broad community engagement. Provides a Jefferson County perspective and advocates for resources from local, regional, state, and foundations.
  • Engages with epidemiology support for the development of metrics and ensures data is being collected that, to the extent possible, focuses on outcomes rather than output or performance measures.
  • Monitors and reports on progress towards metrics.
  • Creates, reviews and approves reports which provide information and status updates for all components of CHIP and its identified health priorities.
  • Develop a system for reporting outcomes (short-term, mid-term, and long-term) related to the priorities, goals, objectives and strategies that is meaningful. The system will include an easily understood dashboard that demonstrates collectively progress n toward population health improvement.
  • Liaises with Jefferson County Board of Health and Jefferson Co Hospital District board, City of Port Townsend Council, Jefferson County Board of Commissioners, Olympic Community of Health, as well as Jefferson County Public Health and Jefferson Healthcare representatives.
  • Serves as an active participant in regional Olympic Community of Health meetings, discussions and collaborations and ensure the sustained collaborative involvement of appropriate regional and state partners
  • Serves as a resource for lead agencies, motivates and mentors lead agency staff, as needed, in providing quality and appropriate quantity of work in assigned areas utilizing resources efficiently.
  • Identifies funding sources and secures resources.
  • Fosters sustainable health system initiatives that improve the experience of care and the health of populations, and reduce per capita costs of health care.
  • Supports the work of the governing body.
  • Nurtures a work culture of innovation and appropriate risk-taking.
  • Assures agendas are developed and minutes are recorded to document progress.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Master’s Degree (MBA, MPA, MPH or related field) which includes an administrative component and a minimum of five years of progressively responsible and relevant professional experience with a minimum of two years as a Manager, Assistant Director or Director level position. Experience in epidemiology and health statistics preferred.
  • Bachelor’s Degree combined with substantial relevant professional experience may be substituted for the Master’s Degree.



Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilitie

  • Ability to use critical and creative thinking to apply theories, principles, techniques and practices of carrying out complex multi- and cross sector planning in the health, human services and our community development fields, and managing groups with multiple perspectives and interests.
  • Knowledge of effective participatory leadership principles, managerial practices and group dynamics
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with diverse populations of stakeholders, customers, community based organization, agencies, businesses, healthcare providers and coworkers.
  • Ability to manage grants, projects and contracts
  • Knowledge of current literature, trends, and development in healthcare and health system reform in Washington State
  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing, presenting complicated issues in understandable ways, using tact and diplomacy to gain collaboration. This includes public speaking and presentations.
  • Ability to use and create computer based documents, email, calendars and other electronic tools to ensure efficient, accessible accountable work.
  • Ability to effectiely present information and respond to questions from groups, media and the public.

Hours: 40 hours/ week (100% FTE), may include evening or weekend hours

Status: Regular, full-time, with benefits

Closing Date: This position will remain open until filled, priority review of applicants will begin on June 5, 2017. To be considered a priority candidate, please apply by the June 5th deadline.

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