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Opioid Treatment Program Manager - Country Doctor Community Health Centers

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Location: Seattle, WA
Part-time position, 20 hours per week
Closing Date: open until filled
Job #11571
Posted: June 27, 2017


 Responsible for a variety of specialized clinical activities. Ensures that policies and procedures are implemented, maintains their integrity, monitors patient status assuring safety, and plays a role in the education of clinical staff and patients

 Works with the Nurse Care Manager and OBOT Medical Director, assists with patient recruitment and helps determine whether patients meet program inclusion criteria.

 Provides patient education regarding program and its requirements. Ensures the integrity of the treatment consent process between OBOT program staff and patient.

 Responsible for program coordination activities including screening patients for eligibility, enrollment, scheduling clinical procedures, and follow up visits - many of which require multidisciplinary coordination between other providers.

 Initial assessment of social, medical, mental health, substance abuse and medication history.

 Acts as liaison between primary care and specialty physicians, inpatient/outpatient nurses, and other clinical providers regarding eligibility, enrollment and progress of program participants.

 Works collaboratively with other clinical staff. Participates in conferences related to the OBOT program.

 Consistently uses clear concise and effective written/oral communication and complies with program policies when sharing/documenting relevant patient care data.

 Works with pharmacy and the OBOT team in obtaining medication orders, prescriptions, refills, and communication as needed. Follow State and Federal guidelines in providing care to opioid dependent patients in collaboration with licensed, prescribing physicians and pharmacy

 Completes data collection forms for patients; ensures accurate entry into electronic medical record and state reporting tools. Collects pertinent data using appropriate assessment techniques.

 Responsible for maintaining the program electronic medical record content. Works with IT staff on data/user interface as needed. Responds in a timely manner to authorized data requests.

 Serves as liaison/reference to physicians/staff members with questions regarding program, procedures and requirements. Compiles required records and other audit materials as needed.

 Ensures that the patient’s Pharmacy is appropriately involved in program.

 Conforms to agency standards and regulatory standards (e.g., FDA, DEA, DBHR, etc.) of performance and conduct, including those pertaining to patient rights.

 Follows established agency policies and procedures, including infection control and safety procedures. Utilizes agency Values for decision making and to facilitate the agency’s mission.



 Bachelor Degree required. Concentration in social science/health related field preferred.

 Clinical or administrative experience preferred.

 Strong interpersonal skills including patient communication and education. Tact and diplomacy to motivate and educate others.

 Highly organized, detail-oriented, timely and works productively across clinical departments.

 Ability to input/analyze data and generate reports.

 Sensitivity to ethnic, cultural, gender; beliefs, and behaviors.


20 hours/week, flexible schedule


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