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Project Manager - SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Location: Alaska
Full-time position
Closing Date: May 6, 2018
Job #12453
Posted: April 6, 2018

Position Summary:

The Project Manager I works as a member of the SEARHC Health Promotion team to manage, administer and advocate for health education grant programming that responds to Goals 8 and 9 in SEARHC’s Strategic Plan. Additionally, the Project Manager I plans, budgets and evaluates health education strategies, interventions and programs per the assigned grant that would support this position.

Position Complexities:

Briefly describe the most difficult aspects of the position, such as what are the most difficult decisions or recommendations which must be made; the responsibilities for developing or applying new approaches or methods; the impact on its department or program; and how does it support SEARHC’s primary objectives:


Position Complexity 1:  Effectively assess, collect and critique health related-data and identify priority health issues per the assigned grant

Impact:  Affects limited consortium resources by misuse of monetary and human resources and possible loss of credibility and trust.


Position Complexity 2:  Select, incorporate and evaluate evidence base strategies to effectively improve health status of individuals, small groups and/or communities per the grant work plan

Impact:  Implementation of ineffective strategies and creation of inappropriate learning materials, waste limited financial and human resources and possibly default on the grant.


Position Complexity 3:  Develop, implement and administer appropriate programs for appropriate audiences, as well as selecting methods that best facilitate achievement of grant program objectives.

Impact:  Development and implementation of ineffective programs affects outcome, credibility and misusing resources and jeopardizes SEARHC’s good reputation with outside funders.


Position Complexity 4:  Obtain acceptance and support for programs.  Work effectively in communities and within consortium. Apply technology through various communication methods to be able to be seen as a health related resource person.

Impact:  Did not follow-through with assigned job duties which may affect key relationship, community involvement and compromises effective communications. Mis-communication or poor community relations can detrimentally effect the grants implementation and SEARHC’s relationship with community members.


Position Complexity 5:  If particular position requires one-on-one individual client counseling they need to have communication and practiced skill set to effectively work with clients and/or small groups.

Impact:  Inability to maintain effective communication jeopardizes patient’s self efficacy and grant program credibility and impact.


Position Complexity 6:  Prepare and submit grant reports, work on a team for funding opportunities, and write grant applications.

Impact:  Failing to complete necessary reports for grant requirements or not applying for grants impacts program evaluation and funding levels.

Position Complexity 7: Act as a liaison among individuals, community groups and health care providers to provide health information.

Impact:  Unable to provide needed health information and bridge service gaps.


Record Retention Responsibility:

Is the incumbent responsible for records retention?  Yes [ X ]  No [  ]  If yes, please describe. 

Maintains grant reports, budget reports, purchasing and human resources records plus patient information if applicable for 1-2 grants.




Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

Briefly describe all major duties performed and the percent of time spent on each major duty, listed in decreasing order of importance. List only major duties, including those key functions or end results for which the position is responsible. Begin each sentence with an action verb (analyze, certify, define, diagnose, interpret, supervise, operate, estimate, etc.). Explain the responsibility for each major duty, in other words, accountability of decisions made.

In accordance with Section 101 of the Human Resource Manual advocates for Alaska Native/American Indian hiring preference, works with Alaska Native/American Indian employees on career development, and creates mentorship or developmental opportunities for Alaska Native/American Indian employees.

Duty/Responsibility #1: Administer (i.e., exercise organization leadership, secure fiscal resources, manage human resources and obtain program acceptance and support) health education strategies, interventions, and programs per the approved grant work plan.

Duty/Responsibility #2:Communicate and advocate for health and health education per the approved grant work plan;  apply a variety of communication methods and techniques, influence health policy to promote health in the targeted communities proposed by the grant.

Duty/Responsibility #3: Plan health education strategies, interventions, and programs for subsequent grant years.    

Duty/Responsibility #4: Assess individual and community needs for health education as related to the grant goals and objectives.



Baseline Qualification Requirements                                                                       

What is the minimum level of education required to satisfactorily perform the duties and responsibilities of this position? Specify whether there is an equivalent combination of education and work experience that can substitute for the minimum education. 

  • Masters degree in Health Education, Health Promotion, Public Health, School Health, Health Sciences or in a related field from an accredited school or
  • Bachelor degree in Health Education, Health Promotion, Public Health, School Health, Health Sciences or in a related field from an accredited school


Work Experience

  • 2 year of progressively responsible health promotion experience or equivalent for those with a Master degree   or
  • 4 years of progressively responsible health promotion experience or equivalent for those with a Bachelor degree

Other Requirements

  • Non-smoker
  • Ability to travel multiple times to remote locations
  • Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) preferred
  • Applicants are requested to submit 1-2 samples of original writing as part of the application process.