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Program Manager - Global Diabetes Institute

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Location: Bronx, NY (United States)
Part-time position, 42.5 hours per week
Closing Date: open until filled
Job #12483
Posted: April 13, 2018
Company Profile: The Global Diabetes Institute was founded by Dr. Meredith Hawkins in 2008 to combat the global diabetes epidemic by harnessing Einstein’s strengths in research, global health, and medical education, and by building strategic global partnerships. Officially renamed the Global Diabetes Institute in 2012, the institute has established partnerships in diabetes research, integrated clinical management, and community health initiatives in India, Uganda, and other countries around the world. We believe in a spirit of collaboration and exchange of faculty, fellows, medical students, and other healthcare providers among our various partner institutions. We are a non-profit foundation affiliated with Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University.
Job Description: The Program Manager will have an integral role in organizing and sustaining multiple functions of the Global Diabetes Institute, from coordinating diabetes-related clinical science research projects, to developing and maintaining a website and other promotional materials, to maintaining effective communication with collaborating investigators in the US and globally. Will play a vital role in the growth of the Global Diabetes Institute through the development of key collaborations, networking and communications. Will contribute significantly to the strategic planning process for the Institute, from initial needs assessments to ongoing program evaluation and restructuring. 

The Program Manager will be expected to work within and contribute significantly to Dr. Hawkins’ diabetes research lab at Albert Einstein, which focuses on clinical research into unique forms of diabetes affecting populations with a history of malnutrition. S/he will also be responsible for the growth and development of educational programming on diabetes and diabetes management in low and middle income contexts. 

List of Responsibilities – 
• Leadership in the design and development of a multi-disciplinary globally-focused diabetes research and education program (Einstein’s Global Diabetes Institute) 
• Support Director, research fellows, and other team members in their roles in developing this program (including scheduling, travel, expenses, fund-raising); 
• Prepare research documents, presentations, manuscripts, grant proposals, and journal articles pertaining to the basic science and clinical research focus of the group; 
• Manage research activities, including coordinating research projects in the Bronx and internationally; 
• Write, assemble, and manage extramural grants (governmental and non-governmental); 
• Maintain effective communication and integration with national and international "partner" institutions; 
• Develop novel communications and other linkages for the Global Diabetes Institute; 
• Perform Needs Assessments and Program Evaluations, involving extramural consultants as required; 
• Develop and maintain program web site, incorporating active programs and research; 
• Arrange and organize meetings with key faculty members at home and abroad, including drafting action agenda; 
• Organize occasional conferences and related activities (e.g., strategic planning workshop); 
• Support educational programs: developing course materials, syllabi, web-based (distance-based) learning, guest lecturers, scheduling, and locales. 
• Travel to international partner sites to maintain and develop active research and health programming. 
• Lead project teams, including medical students and trainees. 
Qualifications: Experience and Educational Background – 
• Minimum: Master’s degree in biological science- or health-related field. 
• MS, MPH, MD, and/or PhD in biological science- or health-related field desired. 
• Research experience required. 
• Strong interest in healthcare, biological science, and global health required. 
• Experience in global health research and/or fieldwork preferred. 
• Demonstrated leadership skills 
• 2-year commitment preferred, but negotiable. Open to extension. 

• Flexibility and willingness to travel internationally required. 

Skills and Competencies – 
• Demonstrated strength of background in biological and health science research; 
• Excellent communication skills, both written and oral; 
• Strong analytical skills; 
• Able to draw upon own educational and experiential background to lead program design and development, including Needs Assessment and Program Evaluation; 
• Develops effective relationships with faculty, students and staff; 
• Able to work with partners from various backgrounds and cultures; 
• Assumes responsibility to ensure issues/concerns will be addressed and monitors them through conclusion; 
• Significant experience with Microsoft Office Suite and reference software (e.g., EndNote, RefWorks, etc.); 
• Effective time and resource management. 
How to Apply:

Please send CV and cover letter to the Program Manager, Anneka Wickramanayake ( In your cover letter, please respond to the following questions (200 words or less per question). 
1. How does this position fit into your long-term professional goals? 
2. The GDI strives to attract leaders who demonstrate creativity and originality. How do you feel that you embody these characteristics? 
3. Describe a situation where you were asked to operate in a setting that was outside of your comfort zone, and how you responded to it.