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Commissioned Corps Officer - Department of the Interior (DOI)/National Park Service (NPS)

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Location: Death Valley, CA
Full-time position
Closing Date: June 17, 2018
Job #12596
Posted: May 17, 2018

The Department of Interior /National Park Service (NPS) is recruiting a Commissioned Corps Officer to fill the position of Safety Manager with a duty station in Death Valley National Park in Death Valley, California.
Incumbent is in the Management Branch of Death Valley National Park and is supervised by the Supervisory Management Analyst.
The primary purpose of the position is to oversee the safety program for Death Valley NP and Manzanar National Historic Site, and coordinate environmental management and training for Death Valley.

Death Valley has vast open spaces with very starry nights, unlimited hiking opportunities, and hundreds of miles of 4x4 roads to explore. The park is 3.4 million acres (nearly the size of Connecticut) and has landscapes ranging from salt flats below sea level to mountains up to 11,000 feet high. Biggest downside? Death Valley holds the world record for heat. Expect the hottest summer days to be above 125 degrees, with occasional nights that don’t cool down below 100. It’s a dry heat, with summer humidity typically about 10%.
Park management is supportive of alternative work schedules such as maxi-flex, 5-4-9s, and 4-10s. Most park employees live in Pahrump (NV), Beatty (NV), or in the park (CA). A vanpool and partial transportation subsidy are available for employees commuting from Beatty (45 miles) and Pahrump (61 miles). NPS housing in Cow Creek or Stovepipe Wells housing areas in Death Valley may be available based on a bid system. Social opportunities in Death Valley include an employee-only swimming pool, weekly volleyball games, a golf course at The Oasis at Death Valley, local branch of county library, and regular potluck events. Death Valley Unified School District provides a school bus to Shoshone, CA (60 miles), and has a high teacher to student ratio. The closest basic medical care is in Pahrump (61 miles) and specialist medical care is in Las Vegas (120 miles).

• Incumbent serves as the subject matter expert for assigned units relating to Safety and Occupational Health Programs. Evaluates, compiles and analyzes behavioral, work environment and accident statistical data and prepares charts, tables and reports designed to communicate this information to various levels of management, staff personnel, operators and others.
• Manages and directs the safety program, including identification, evaluation, and control of high hazard working environments (such as noise, asbestos, carbon monoxide, welding fumes, silica dust, solvent vapors, oxygen-deficient atmospheres, toxic and explosive gases, flammable materials, blood-borne pathogens, laboratory hazards, chemical hazards, mechanized equipment hazards, confined space, and work processes). Provides guidance and oversight in the management of specific programs involving hazardous operations and activities conducted by NPS employees.
• Ensures that the programs are current and compatible with DO-50B & 50C (Occupational Safety and Health Program and Public Risk Management Program), park or region safety plans, policies and directives, and Department of the Interior and other directives. Assists parks in developing comprehensive safety and health plans on an annual basis and assists division chiefs and their subordinate supervisors with adaptation and implementation of operational aspects of the plans.
• Evaluates park operations to determine if applicable safety management systems are being met for activities including, but not limited to: safety culture, management leadership, employee involvement and influence, safety organization, continuous improvement processes, accountability program, hazard control planning, incident/accident investigation process, individual development and capability program, training and education program, reporting and analysis, and public safety and contractor safety programs.
• Evaluates individual park operations for conformance with Federal, State and local safety and occupational health standards. Establishes park-wide standards in areas where applicable National, State or local codes do not exist. Establishes standard operating procedures designed to prevent accidents, identify problem areas, and track areas needing greater attention.
• Serves as a member on various boards and committees; reviews investigative reports of visitor and employee fatalities; summarizes committee or Board findings, develops conclusions and makes recommendations for elimination or control of hazards identified. Develops, maintains, evaluates, and periodically revises the parks’ Documented Safety Plan, which incorporates divisional safety management plans and all Safety and Occupational Health Programs and associated activities.
• Prepares safety project descriptions, budget requests, etc., and administers the safety program’s annual budget to obtain fiscal resources needed to implement recommendations or achieve broader health and safety program goals.
• Evaluates park visitor/public safety concerns according to knowledge of safety and occupational health principles, practices, procedures and standards available. Coordinates solutions and/or communicates public health concerns to regional Public Health professionals as necessary.
• Develops, administers, conducts and monitors training programs for NPS staff.
• Coordinates and oversees the development of safety, industrial hygiene, and hazardous materials education and training material and the conducting of safety training programs for line managers and supervisors, technical specialists, and field employees. Provides technical advice, guidance, and formal and informal training to park staff in all safety and occupational health topics including hazardous materials, respirators, blood-borne pathogens, confined space, hearing and protective equipment.
• Manages Death Valley’s environmental management, water and wastewater system permitting, hazardous materials, and hazardous waste compliance programs. Addresses issues with current and abandoned firing ranges, underground storage tanks, six water systems, wastewater systems, an old landfill, emergency hazardous materials spills, and abandoned mineland (AML) sites.
• Investigates and documents locations which have been contaminated and develops a strategy to correct the situation. Develops strategies to mitigate sites that have been contaminated.
• Develops procedures and practices for hazardous materials and waste handling that ensures park operations which generate hazardous wastes comply with regulatory requirements.
• Ensures that staff maintains required documentation to fulfill DOT, EPA, 4 counties and two states’ hazardous waste generation, storage, disposal, and reporting requirements. Assists in the coordination of hazardous materials emergency response planning and response preparation.
• Coordinates the park’s efforts to improve disabled employee and visitor access to facilities, programs, services, and employment. Reviews facilities, programs, services, and job announcements to ensure compliance with the Architectural Barriers Act of 1968, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Suggests modifications and/or submits project proposals to implement solutions.


• Knowledge of safety, occupational health, accessibility, and environmental management principles, practices, procedures, and standards.
• Skill in communications and human relations sufficient to encourage, persuade, or influence employees of diverse backgrounds to observe safety, occupational health, environmental management regulations, and fire regulations. This skill is applied to foster a safe working environment by instilling in park employees a culture of safety.
• Skill as a trainer to teach others in areas such as park orientation, safety, occupational health, accessibility, and hazardous waste.
A Bachelor of Science degree in occupational safety, industrial hygiene, environmental health, engineering, a related field is required. Professional licensure (eg. CSP, CIH, PE, REHS, or equivalent) is also preferred. In addition, applicants must meet OFRD Readiness Standards.

How to Apply:

This position closes on June 8, 2018. If interested, please send a cover letter and CV to hhs_liaison

Contact information:

Park and Position Information

Abby Wines, Supervisory Management Analyst Phone: 760-786-3221 Email:

PHS Information

Sonya Coakley, Commissioned Corps Liaison Phone: 202-513-7215 Email: