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State Registrar and Director of the Center for Health Statistics - Washington State Department of Health

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Location: Olympia, WA (United States)
Full-time position
Closing Date: June 24, 2018
Job #12626
Posted: May 24, 2018

State Registrar and Director of the Center for Health Statistics

As the State Registrar/Center Director, you will provide direction and oversight for Washington State’s vital records program.  Under the authority of RCW 43.70.160 (Duties of registrar) and RCW 70.58 (Vital statistics), you will formulate statewide policy on administration of vital records in Washington and assures compliance with vital records laws and regulations.  You will also direct statewide programs to implement RCW 43.70.052 (Hospital discharge data), RCW 70.245.150 (Death with dignity), as well as a statewide system of health risk behavior data and a statewide system for community health assessment data (CHAT).
As the State Registrar/Center Director, you will be responsible for assuring that confidential health data are collected, managed, and released in compliance with state and federal laws.  Through sound business management, you will be charged with delivering high-quality, cost-effective products and services.  You will be responsible for a staff of 48 (5 direct reports), and for a biennial budget of approx. $12.4 million.  
Decisions made by the State Registrar/Center Director about vital records administration have the potential to impact every person in Washington who had a birth, death, marriage or divorce in the state.  Decisions also impact the state and federal agencies (including DOH) that rely on vital records information to accomplish their missions.  The scope and nature of decisions made will have the potential to subject the agency to significant legal liability and public scrutiny.
The State Registrar/Center Director contributes to DOH’s mission by assuring the collection of complete, accurate, and timely population health data to support agency decisions about protecting and improving the health of Washington’s residents. This position also assures that DOH fulfills its core statutory obligation to maintain a complete and accurate registry of vital records for the state.

Challenges and Opportunities 

  • The office administers Washington’s vital records and statistics, a foundational public health service.  The current laws are outdated, confusing, and not reflective of national best practice.  The new Director will have a role in requesting legislation to replace the existing laws with a modified version of the Model State Vital Statistics Act.
  • The new Director will develop and lead the transformation of information technology systems to modernize vital records systems.  For example, this office is in the middle of replacing a legacy vital records data system with a modern, flexible and cost-effective solution.
  • The office has undergone several office-wide efforts to ensure that performance management (PM) and quality improvement (QI) programs are developed and managed using a data-driven focus that sets priorities for improvements.  The new Director will have a key role in building and encouraging a culture of continuous improvement.

What we’re looking for
Our ideal candidate is someone who can thrive in a workplace focused on credibility, extraordinary leadership and accountability.  Someone who uses their extensive knowledge of public health principles and proven track record of leadership to positively impact the lives of Washington’s residents and visitors.
Our ideal candidate is a team player who models humility, has a hunger to work, learn, and take on new challenges, and who listens and understands how their words and actions affect others.

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