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Program Assistant, Vulnerable Populations Portfolio - The Commonwealth Fund

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Location: Washington, DC (United States)
Full-time position
Closing Date: June 30, 2018
Job #12645
Posted: May 31, 2018


The Commonwealth Fund is a private foundation that aims to promote a high performing health care system that achieves better access, improved quality, and greater efficiency, particularly for society’s most vulnerable, including low-income people, the uninsured, minority Americans, young children, and elderly adults. The Fund carries out this mandate by supporting independent research on health care issues and making grants to improve health care practice and policy. An international program in health policy is designed to stimulate innovative policies and practices in the United States and other industrialized countries. The Fund has an endowment of $750 million, and an annual budget of $35 million.



In the United States, two groups experience problems with their health care more intensely and more frequently than any other.

One group is people with high health care needs and high costs—the 5 percent of the population that accounts for 50 percent of all health spending. Many have multiple, serious chronic conditions, like congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and diabetes. Some also have functional limitations that make it difficult to perform daily living activities. Others have behavioral health concerns that further complicate their care.

People with low income also experience our health system’s shortcomings more acutely. Disproportionately minority, this vulnerable population is more likely to lack health insurance and adequate social supports than more affluent Americans. Extensive research shows that people with socioeconomic disadvantages have greater difficulty obtaining health care, receive lower-quality care, and experience poorer health outcomes.

The Commonwealth Fund’s Health Care Delivery System Reform program believes rapid, meaningful change in well-being is possible for both groups. Moreover, we believe improvements in care for these patients can spur better performance across the entire health system.

To promote needed change, the program supports efforts to:

  • build an evidence base to better understand the needs of these two populations and to demonstrate the value of improving care for both
  • identify and assess promising models, programs, and practices to improve care
  • promote payment reform and policy improvements to facilitate delivery system reform.

Through the Commonwealth Fund Mongan Fellowship Program in Minority Health Policy, the program also develops the physician leadership needed to address the health needs of vulnerable populations.




The Program Assistant is the staff member responsible for providing daily support for the Vulnerable Populations portfolio in the Health Care Delivery System Reform program and its officers. The Program Assistant will be expected to perform a variety of duties including grants management, daily administrative tasks, proposal development, writing, editing, and the occasional research project.



Grants Management (50%)


  • Manages all aspects of the grant process: preparation of summaries and materials to support Board-level Grants and Small Grants, payment and reporting schedules, and letters of agreement; tracking of program and grantee products, including papers and conferences, and scheduling grant payments accordingly; helps plan meetings, forums or conferences related to grantee work, and helps to maintain overall Fund-grantee relationships. Responsible for streamlining grant tracking methods and communication between the program and grantees to ensure timeliness of reports and products.


  • Assists in the development of grant proposals and budgets and in the preparation of project summaries for board meetings which are held three times a year. This involves communicating with current and prospective grantees, consultants and other experts reviewing proposed projects; assembles and provides materials on the Fund’s vulnerable populations portfolio, projects, and other activities as requested by grantees and other individuals. Conducts background research on the proposal topics, compiles and distributes proposal review materials to the Fund’s executive management team, and assists in internal reviews of proposals.


  • Acts as a liaison with Communications to ensure the dissemination of grant products, including: coordinating the review of draft grantee publications by Fund staff and the promotion of grantee-published articles; drafting language for the Fund website that publicizes grantee work; developing web-based grant products for placement or promotion on the Fund website; reviewing and providing program updates to the Fund website as needed; coordinating with grantees and Communications staff to produce webinars, podcasts, and other multimedia to promote grantee work.


  • Manages and coordinates all grants, events, and activities associated with the Mongan Fellowships in Minority Health Policy and the Margaret E. Mahoney Fellowships. This includes working closely with fellowship host institutions to facilitate application review processes, arrange fellowship functions in New York and Washington DC, written and verbal correspondence with fellowship host institution office staff, and general project management support. Acts as the primary liaison between the Vice President and fellowship host institution.

General Administrative Support (40%)

  • Provides administrative support for the vice president including: calendar, telephone, travel, meetings, expense reports, correspondence, and distribution of program work.


  • Arranges appointments and scheduling of meetings for the vice president, which includes reserving meeting rooms and arranging for food, beverage, and audiovisual needs.


  • Prepares materials, slides, and charts for internal meetings, including project briefing meetings, proposal review meetings, and program updates.


  • Prepares materials, slides, and charts for external meetings and presentations on behalf of the vice president. This involves research and assembling material and detailed information about projects

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