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Research Positions (Project Coordinator/Recruiter) - UW SORCE

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Location: Seattle
Full-time position
Closing Date: August 14, 2018
Job #12708
Posted: June 14, 2018

Project Coordinator/Recruiter Grade 6 (4 positions) (Research Team). This Project Coordinator position will report to a senior Project Coordinator, with matrixed oversight from Project Managers. This position will join a team of participant recruiters and will provide coordination for multiple projects spanning multiple investigators and multiple clinical disciplines. As part of this team, the incumbent will be responsible for successfully recruiting patients from local emergency department and other clinical study sites, sharing in a rotational schedule with shifts primarily during business hours and some during mornings, evenings, and weekends. In addition to completing recruitment activities, projects could also include coordination of regional and national quality improvement (QI) registries (such as SCOAP, VQI, NSQIP, or MBSAQIP).  SORCE is committed to encouraging diversity and inclusion and to being a workplace where such values are at the forefront of our daily interactions and our work as a research center.

  • ob Description:  
    I. Human Subjects Research Activities: (70%) 
  • Identify, Approach, and Recruit Participants: With appropriate training and oversight and within scope of position: 
  • Screen medical records to identify eligible study participants. 
  • Approach patients in clinical settings to recruit them into research studies; 
  • Consent participants; 
  • Conduct initial data collection including surveying/interviewing. 
  • Conduct Participant Follow-up via Phone: Receive and respond to participant calls to answer questions and resolve concerns; at specified study time points, complete telephone surveys/interviews with participants per study protocols. 
  • Coordinate Participant Activities Throughout Study: Accurately track current study participants: screen for appointments, enrollment status and progress in project; Schedule and conduct research visits with enrolled participants; Share information with other research coordinators; Follow consistent organization methods for accurately tracking enrolled patients; Assist other coordinators in tracking participant progress and engagement in studies; Under general guidance, help identify opportunities to resolve barriers to managing subject participation. 
  • Participant Incentive and Retention: Use consistent organization methods to track and distribute participant incentives; assist with participant retention activities, including tracking participants in a retention schedule and aiding in executing retention activities. 
  • Specimen Management: Prepare for sample procurement, process samples, and complete data collection forms; organize and ship specimens per study protocol. 
  • Understand and comply with study protocol and Manual of Operations: Effectively utilize resources available such as Frequently Asked Questions and work tasks list; Help implement appropriate methods for quality research conduct and quality assurance measures for accurate data collection and entry. 

  • Maintain Compliance: Follow all SORCE Standards for best practices in human subjects research coordination; Under general guidance, responsible for compliance with SORCE, Department, University or Federal Regulations, and ensuring that individual work products are completed accurately against standards and protocols. 

    II. Data Coordination: (20%) 
  • Abstract Data: Abstract data from patient medical records per research protocols/QI registry policies, with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy. 
  • Data Entry: Enter data and manage data through research study/QI data platforms (i.e. REDCap, Datstat, ARMUS). 
  • Quality Assurance: Participate in routine quality control operations for data management. 
  • File Management: Accurately file research materials electronically or in physical charts; complete appropriate records retention activities, following SORCE and UW standards; Follow established systems for data organization, version control, and data collection form file management. 

    III. Regulatory and Administrative Coordination: (10%) 
  • Regulatory Coordination:  As assigned, serve as a regulatory coordinator for multi-site research projects; Under general supervision, help manage regulatory applications, including, submitting study modifications, renewals, and protocol deviations. 
  • Regulatory File Management: As assigned, organize electronic and paper regulatory files; Help establish effective work processes for accurately tracking, storing and retrieving information; Assist completing appropriate records retention activities, following SORCE and UW standards. 
  • Manual of Operations/Protocol: Contribute to study MOP; tasks include conducting revisions under general guidance and updating peers on changes. 
  • Investigator and Team Assistance: As assigned, help coordinate investigator and team meetings; With the investigators and senior Project Coordinators/Project Manager, help prepare materials; Take meeting minutes as requested, assist with preparation and production of research intellectual products, including under general supervision: data analysis, drafting or editing technical reports or manuscripts, and assisting with presentation; Help train or instruct student interns in work processes and work flow. 
  • Skillfully Use Information Management Tools: Understand and effectively apply SORCE guidelines and project standards; Accurately and consistently use SORCE reporting and communication methods and tools per guidelines 




  • Desired Qualifications: 
  • Experience in human subjects research coordination preferably in an academic or healthcare-related setting 
  • Spanish language fluency (written and spoken) 
  • Experience recruiting study participants in person 
  • Experience conducting participant outreach and data collection by phone 
  • Training and/or knowledge in ethical conduct of research with human subjects 
  • Knowledge of medical terminology 
  • Experience with electronic medical records chart review and data abstraction 
  • Multi-site research project experience 
  • Human subjects regulatory management background 
  • Research data management background 
  • Experience conducting participant recruitment, outreach, and data 
    collection in Spanish
How to Apply:

We value and seek diverse team members who are passionate, innovative, and collaborative. Interested applicants may access the full posting and submit their application at the UW employment website by searching requisition 157009