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Campus Organizer - PIRG Campus Action

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Full-time position
Closing Date: July 21, 2018
Job #12735
Posted: June 21, 2018

With PIRG Campus Action, you’ll work with students who, like you, believe it’s our right and responsibility to shape the future we all want. You’ll work with students to decide the strategies and tactics they’ll use to run campaigns that promote clean energy, public health, a stronger democracy and more.

Each campus organizer starts by finding and recruiting the students who really care about the issues we work on. Next, you’ll figure out who amongst those students could be good leaders, and teach them how to organize and run a campaign. You help give them the skills they need, so they can do everything from plan and run a press conference to organizing a huge event on campus.

Finally, campus organizers make sure that all these individual events and efforts add up to meaningful change. You’ll set concrete goals, and hold yourself accountable to achieving them, whether that’s getting 100 students to take photo petitions, or registering 500 new voters on campus. And when you combine those efforts at dozens of colleges across the country, each of those goals can add up to make a real impact.

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