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Vaccine Customer Representative, Seattle North (DIR023921) Vaccine Customer Repres - Merck Vaccines

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Location: North Seattle, WA
Full-time position
Closing Date: August 5, 2018
Job #12764
Posted: July 5, 2018
Primary activities include:
Account Management / Contracting: Understand multiple interdependencies within an account, consider customer healthcare goals and needs, and maximize account performance by building long-term relationships through collaborative business planning processes and approaches.  This includes conducting customer business reviews with appropriate stakeholders discussing the financial impact of contracts and progress/results of targeted vaccine programs and previously identified opportunities to improve customer benefits.  
  • Understand complex account interdependencies in order to develop both short and long-term account plans in conjunction with a wide array of stakeholders, and lead a local account team’s execution to deliver on the account plan.
  • Work consistently with customers to demonstrate an understanding of and support for office vaccine protocols. Understand the role of each health care practitioner in the office (e.g., office manager, Medical Assistants, nurse, physician) as it relates to establishing and implementing the vaccine protocol.
  • Provide information and resources that support the integration of a standard of care and the development and establishment of office vaccination protocols.
  • Maintain complete knowledge and understanding of MV contract terms and conditions.  Apply knowledge of contracts and historical ordering patterns to optimize vaccine purchases for customers and appropriate inventory in support of office protocols, vaccination goals, and seasonality in patient origination.
  • Manage customer supply, product transition, and back-order challenges and communications.
  • Develop annual portfolio-wide account strategy business plan with corresponding business case for top accounts.
  • Establish and track account performance metrics to evaluate progress and performance, and to assess opportunity and need to adjust plans and associated tasks. 
Sales Acumen: Build trust with customers and demonstrate value in selling situations to deliver high-quality engagements or interactions that deliver products/solutions with the common goal of improving health outcomes in pediatric, adolescent, and adult populations and across diverse customer segments which may include private or public sector (state health departments, FQHCs, VISNs, VAs, Military, Pharmacy, etc.).  Work cross functionally with each Merck Vaccine and USCO counterpart to provide support and resources that assist customers in achieving health outcomes. 
  • Collaborate with customers through solid relationship management skills and leverage customer insights to provide comprehensive solutions to previously unmet and evolving healthcare needs with a focus on population health management.
  • Understand and appropriately converse about current health care trends per company guidance, including: ACOs, PCMHs, HC Reform, Prevention & Wellness, etc.
  • Change customer behaviors by understanding beliefs and experiences and providing appropriate insight that creates a different experience.
  • Create a compelling and logical rationale for the value of Merck Vaccines (clinical) and Commercial Offers in support of patient health & wellness.  
  • Ask strategic, insightful questions to obtain information on customer healthcare needs, use the insights to position Merck vaccines and commercial offers, and collaborate with customers on a customized strategy.  
Customer Segmentation & Targeting: Divide customer population into groups of individuals who share similar characteristics and buying behaviors, and apply this information to focus on groups effectively, allocate promotional resources, and drive execution of commercial plans
  • Identify key customer segments, channels, and opportunities across the eco-system of patient care. Evaluate and prioritize business across many different types of customer segments including: public clinics, private systems, pharmacy, government, VA/military/CBOCs, FQHCs, etc. 
  • Divide a customer base into customer segments and apply the insights to effectively and differentially allocate marketing and field resources that drive execution of sales and marketing plans.
  • Communicate Merck Vaccine clinical information and Commercial Offers in a way that’s meaningful and relevant to each individual customer; customize discussions and client interactions based on understanding of customer’s needs 
  • Engage in informed discussions about products with HCP customers - knowing when/how to seek and provide additional information 
  • Act as primary point of contact for customer, meet with key customers/personnel to understand practice structure, business model, key influencers: Managed Care Organization (MCO), employers, state and local policy)/network structure, customer needs and identify business opportunities 
  • Coordinate with customer team to develop customer strategy - outlining strategy for interactions/ relationship, solutions and potential offerings for customer 


Education Minimum Requirement:  
  • BA/BS Required 
  • MBA Preferred
Required Experience and Skills: 
  • 5+ years Experience working in one or more of the following areas: Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, Sales, Consulting, Customer Service or Military. Buy and Bill
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral)
  • Self- directed and organized
  • Possess strong interpersonal and leadership qualities with demonstrated success in establishing and maintaining relationships in an academic or professional setting
  • Excellent business planning and organizational skills and exceptional judgment
  • Recent, sustained history of delivering results/high sales performance 
  • Valid Driver’s License
Preferred Experience and Skills:
  • Prior experience developing and executing territory business plans for engaging customers and meeting customer needs
  • Demonstrated success in establishing, developing and maintaining effective business relationships
  • Prior experience working in a highly regulated industry or environment where compliance to policies is critical
(US/Puerto Rico Only) In accordance with Managers’ Policy - Job Posting and Employee Placement, all employees subject to this policy are required to have a minimum of twelve (12) months of service in current position prior to applying for open positions.
If you have been offered a separation benefits package, but have not yet reached your separation date and are offered a position within the salary and geographical parameters as set forth in the Summary Plan Description (SPD) of your separation package, then you are no longer eligible for your separation benefits package. If you have any questions, please contact your HRBP or Staffing Consultant.


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