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Reader for SPH 480 - UW Public Health Global Health Major

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Full-time position
Closing Date: November 10, 2018
Job #13137
Posted: October 10, 2018

Course: SPH 480: Research Methods in Public Health
Supervising Faculty: Sara Glick
Hours per week: 10
Start Date: As soon as possible
End Date: December 14, 2018
Application Deadline: October 24, 2018

Position Summary: The Public Health-Global Health Major is seeking one (1) reader, 10 hours per week, during Autumn 2018. The Reader/Grader will provide support to the SPH 480 (Research Methods in Public Health) teaching team. They will be responsible for grading some or all of the 5 written assignments submitted by students.

Specific Job Functions:
• Grade up to 5 written assignments for students enrolled in SPH 480
• Provide written comments to students about assignment strengths
• Provide written comments to students about point deductions
• Communicate with course instructors and TAs about grading questions and progress
• Complete grading by due date (typically one week after assignments are submitted)
• Other tasks, as necessary


Required Qualifications: At least one quarter of graduate-level epidemiology training; availability to grade during the weeks of: October 12-19, October 24-31, November 14-21, November 21-28, and December 5-12

Preferred Qualifications: Minimum standing of current graduate student in the School of Public Health; advanced epidemiology graduate student (PhD student or 2nd year MPH student) or a student in another graduate program with at least one full year of graduate-level epidemiology training; prior teaching assistance

How to Apply:

 The following link has information about the position as well as the application: