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University of Washington School of Public Health

Networking Tips

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The people in your life are important job search resources. Networking is the number one way to get a job. The purpose of networking is to gather information, gain exposure to the job market, and gather names and referrals.

Types of Networks
Step by Step: Networking from start to finish
Effective Networking

Types of Networks

  • Personal
    Family, friends, members of social clubs, acquaintances, religious group members
  • Professional
  • Community
    Professional, cultural, or civic organizations
    Community or volunteer organizations

Step by Step: Networking from start to finish

  1. Think about what fields, jobs or companies you want to explore
  2. Develop a list of potential contacts
  3. Develop a contact strategy and script
  4. Request a 15-30 minute in-person interview
  5. Prepare questions for the interview-
  6. Conduct the interview

Effective Networking

Have good people skills
  • Assert yourself positively
  • Meet at the convenience of your contact
  • Be clear about what you want
  • Don’t ask for a job!
  • Always write a thank-you note
Ask good questions
  • Consider your goals and develop questions beforehand
  • Ask open-ended questions to keep conversation flowing
  • Do your research ahead of time and avoid questions that can be easily answered with a little personal research
Present yourself as a professional
Take notes
Don’t confine your networks to contacts in your profession- branch out
Always ask permission before using someone as a reference or referent