University of Washington School of Public Health

Student Written Assignment and Poster

All students must complete a written assignment and poster at the end of the practicum. The purpose of the assignment is to have the student reflect on the practice experience. This is an opportunity for the student to describe what was done, what was learned, and to place the experiences within the context of the organization, the community and the MPH program. The student should think creatively about his/her contribution to the profession and the professional value of the placement.

The paper, poster and all other practicum documentation should be submitted to the MPH Practicum Drop Box. The paper and the poster must be submitted before the last day of the quarter that the student has registered for practicum credit. Students will present their posters at the annual MPH Practicum Symposium, which takes place during spring quarter and highlights student work from the previous spring, summer, autumn, and winter quarters. The SPH will print practicum posters on behalf of the students and set them up at the event.


Content Guidelines

Your poster should contain the following heading areas:

  • Author/Title/Affiliation
  • Introduction/Background
  • Objectives
  • Methods
  • Results/Findings/Conclusions
  • Funding Source

You may use optional headings if you think it will help your presentation.
Descriptions of required headings and optional headings

Laying out your poster

  • Most students prefer to use PowerPoint to set up their poster with this Poster Template (office 2013 version). However, you may use any design program such as Illustrator, Publisher or InDesign to design your poster.
  • Posters must be 36" x 24" size
  • All posters are required to have the UW School of Public Health masthead. The masthead is already provided in the template above.

Sample Poster One (pdf)   Sample Poster Two (pdf)
note these examples are provided as a sample of good design, you do not need to follow the layout exactly in your own poster

Written Assignment

The written assignment consists of 4 sections:

  • Abstract
  • Profile of the agency
  • Project description
  • Self-evaluation of MPH practicum experience