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Internships are a form of cooperative education available to both undergraduate and graduate SPH students and are a collaboration among a student, an organization or agency, and a faculty adviser.  Academic departments and programs may offer credit for internships completed with local and global organizations or agencies. Internships for credit must relate directly to program learning objectives and will require the student to complete a substantial research project or writing component to earn academic credit.

Internships for credit should allow public health students to apply knowledge in a real-world, professional environment while encouraging the refinement of theoretical skills better developed outside of the classroom. SPH students pursue a variety of internships across a spectrum of experiences. Some programs have very defined requirements and criteria; others have fewer detailed specifications. For more information about SPH programs offering internships for credit, see Program-Specific Academic Internship Requirements.

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Looking for an internship? Visit the Current Opportunities and the Finding and Evaluating Internships pages.

Before pursuing an academic internship, students must first contact a student adviser in their departments or programs to learn about the specific internship criteria required by the degree track. International students on an F-1 or J-1 visa must contact the International Student Services (ISS) office about any necessary training authorizations.

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