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Mary-Claire King - SPH Faculty Bio

Mary-Claire King

Professor, Medical Genetics
Professor, Genome Sciences
Adjunct Professor, Epidemiology

Office: K-160 A
Box 357720
Dept. of Medicine, Division of Medical Genetics
1959 NE Pacific Street
K-160A Health Sciences
Seattle, WA 98195 -7720
Tel: 206-616-4294

Research Interests

Dr. King's group studies the genetics of complex, common human conditions. Their primary areas of interest are breast and ovarian cancer and inherited deafness. Their approach is to apply human genetics and genomics to identification and characterization of critical genes in informative families and populations. Because these conditions are not purely genetic, they also study the interaction between genetic and environmental influences on human traits. Dr. King's lab also applies genomic sequencing to the identification of victims of human rights abuses.

Investigator: Dr. King is a Professor of Medicine (Medical Genetics) and Genetics and an American Cancer Society professor.

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PhD   Genetics, University of California (Berkeley), 1973

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