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Biostatistics: Regular Faculty
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Barlow, William Research Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MS (University of Washington), MA (University of Toronto (Canada))
Survival analysis, residuals, cancer screening, breast cancer treatment

Brown, Elizabeth Research Professor
ScD (Harvard University), MS (University of Colorado (Boulder))
Joint models for longitudinal and survival data; Bayesian methods in biostatistics; statistical methods in HIV/AIDS and cardiovascular research; clinical trials; microbicides

Browning, Sharon Research Professor
PhD (University of Washington)
Statistical methods for large scale genetic data, including genome-wide association data and sequence data

Brumback, Lyndia Research Associate Professor
PhD (University of Wisconsin), MS (University of Wisconsin)
Functional data analysis; Statistical methods for cardiovascular disease research; Cystic Fibrosis clinical trials

Carone, Marco Assistant Professor
PhD (Johns Hopkins University)

Chan, Gary Associate Professor
PhD (Johns Hopkins University)
Survival analysis and stochastic processes; epidemiological design and analysis; missing data and causal inference; nonlinear mixed models and predictions; semiparametric models

DeRouen, Timothy Professor Emeritus
PhD (Virginia Polytechnic Inst & State Univ), MS (Virginia Polytechnic Inst & State Univ)
Methods for correlated data and applications in dentistry; epidemiology of sexually transmitted diseases

Diehr, Paula Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of California Los Angeles), MS (University of California Los Angeles)
Applications of statistics to health services research and longitudinal data for older adults.

Emerson, Scott Professor Emeritus
MD (University of Virginia), PhD (University of Washington)
Clinical trials; sequential testing; survival analysis; categorical data; statistical consulting; computer intensive methods

Emond, Mary Research Associate Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MS (University of Washington)
Semiparametric estimation and efficiency; statistical problems in molecular biology and genomics; genetics of susceptibility to infectious disease

Feigl, Polly Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Minnesota), MA (University of Minnesota)

Fisher, Lloyd Professor Emeritus
PhD (Dartmouth College), MA (Dartmouth College)

Fleming, Thomas Professor
PhD (University of Maryland), MA (University of Maryland)
Scientific and regulatory issues in the design, conduct, and analysis of clinical trials; survival analysis

Gilbert, Peter Research Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MS (University of Washington)
Clinical trials, HIV vaccines, survival analysis, infectious diseases, genetic sequence analysis, causal inference

Gogarten, Jennifer Lecturer
MSc (University of Washington)

Halloran, Elizabeth Professor
DSc (Harvard University), MD (Freie University of Berlin (Germany)), MPH (Harvard University)
Developing novel designs, methods of statistical analysis, and interpretation of vaccine field studies and other interventions; causal inference

Hallstrom, Alfred Professor Emeritus
PhD (Brown University), MSc (Brown University)
Clinical trial methodologies, especially in cardiovascular (chronic) applications and emergency services applications.

Heagerty, Patrick Professor and Chair
PhD (Johns Hopkins University), MS (State University of New York (Albany))
Regression techniques for dependent data including marginal models and random effects models for longitudinal data, methods for categorical time series, and hierarchical models for categorical spatial data; statistical computing; applications in epidemiology and ecology

Hughes, James Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MS (University of Washington)
Statistical methods for infectious disease research, HIV prevention trials, cluster randomized trials

Inoue, Lurdes Professor and Associate Chair
PhD (Duke University), MS (University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)), MS (Duke University)
Bayesian methods in Biostatistics; MCMC methods; clinical trials; decision theory and cancer research

Kerr, Kathleen Associate Professor
PhD (University of California Los Angeles), MA (University of California Los Angeles), MS (University of California Los Angeles)
Gene expression microarrays; experimental design; biomarkers

Kronmal, Richard Professor
PhD (University of California Los Angeles)
Nonparametric density estimation, computer algorithms, cardiovascular data analysis, clinical trials

Le Blanc, Michael Research Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MM (University of Waterloo (Canada))
Statistical methods for clinical trials; tree-based methods for regression and exploratory survival analysis; development and application of adaptive regression and classification techniques

Leroux, Brian Professor
PhD (University of British Columbia (Canada)), MSc (University of British Columbia (Canada))
Statistical methodology for multilevel studies and clinical trials; statistical applications in oral health and emergency medicine

May, Susanne Professor
PhD (University of Massachusetts)
Survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis and clinical trials

McClelland, Robyn Research Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MS (McGill University (Canada))
Statistical methods in epidemiologic research; cardiovascular disease; clinical trials

McKnight, Barbara Professor
PhD (University of Wisconsin), MS (University of Wisconsin)
Statistical methods in epidemiology and clinical trials; human genetics; survival analysis

Peterson, Arthur Professor Emeritus
PhD (Stanford University), MS (Stanford University)
Survival data methodology, competing risks, design and analysis of disease prevention trials, random number generation

Prentice, Ross Professor
PhD (University of Toronto (Canada)), MSc (University of Toronto (Canada))
Failure time analysis, disease prevention trials, epidemiologic methods, dietary factors and disease

Rice, Kenneth Professor
PhD (Cambridge University (UK))
Statistical methods for genetic epidemiology and other high-throughput settings; cardiovascular epidemiology; Bayesian methods, particularly connections between Bayesian and classical techniques; meta-analysis; measurement error adjustment

Richardson, Barbra Ann Research Professor
PhD (University of California Los Angeles), MS (University of California Los Angeles)
Statistical methodology for clinical trials data; analysis of data from clinical trials; statistical analysis with missing data; longitudinal data analysis; statistical methods for AIDS and STD data

Sadinle, Mauricio Assistant Professor
PhD (Carnegie Mellon University)

Self, Steven Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Washington), MS (California State University, Long Beach)
Longitudinal data analysis, survival time models, cancer prevention and screening trials, HIV vaccine evaluation

Sheppard, Lianne Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MSc (Johns Hopkins University)
Air pollution health effect and occupational epidemiological studies, estimation of health effects from environmental and occupational exposures, exposure modeling, measurement error in health effects studies, incorporating group information in epidemiologic studies

Shojaie, Ali Associate Professor
PhD (University of Michigan), MS (University of Michigan), MS (University of Michigan), MS (Michigan State University), MSc (Amirkabir University)
Statistical analysis of high dimensional networks; machine learning; bioinformatics and systems biology; computational statistics and optimization

Simon, Noah Assistant Professor
PhD (Stanford University)

Szpiro, Adam Associate Professor
PhD (Brown University)
Spatio-temporal modeling with applications to air pollution and environmental epidemiology; high-dimensional spatial and spatio-temporal data analysis; measurement error correction; Bayesian methods for model-robust inference

Temkin, Nancy Professor
PhD (State University of New York (Buffalo)), MS (University of Connecticut)
Clinical trials; composite outcomes; survival analysis; translational research; traumatic brain injury

Thompson, Mary Lou Research Professor
PhD (Georg-august Universitat (Germany))
Diagnostic methods; longitudinal data analysis; maternal and child health; occupational health

Thornton, Timothy Associate Professor
PhD (University of Chicago)
Statistical genetics for complex traits; methods for correlated genetic data including relatedness and population structure

van Belle, Gerald Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Toronto (Canada)), MA (University of Toronto (Canada))
Experimental design, data characterization, and analysis with emphasis to neuro-degenerative diseases & environmental studies, air pollution effects on health, and links between daily fluctuations in air pollution and morbidity & mortality statistics

Wahl, Patricia Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Washington)
Academic administration and public health policy

Wakefield, Jonathan Clive Professor
PhD (University of Nottingham (UK))
Spatial epidemiology; ecological inference; genetic epidemiology; genome-wide association studies; analysis of next generation RNAseq data; space-time models for infectious disease data; small area estimation; hierarchical models for survey data; links between Bayes and frequentist procedures

Weir, Bruce Professor
PhD (North Carolina State University)
Statistical methodology for genetic data with an emphasis on allelic dependencies, population structure, disease associations and relationships; use of genetic data for human identification

Wellner, Jon Professor
PhD (University of Washington)
Empirical processes, semiparametric models, asymptotic efficiency, survival analysis, martingales

Wijsman, Ellen Professor
PhD (University of Wisconsin)
Statistical genetics, population genetics, applications to genetic epidemiology

Willis, Amy Assistant Professor
PhD (Cornell University)

Witten, Daniela Professor
PhD (Stanford University), MS (Stanford University)
High dimensional data analysis and machine learning, with applications to genomics and statistical genetics

Zhou, Andrew Professor Emeritus
PhD (Ohio State University), MSc (University of Calgary (Canada))
ROC curve methodology; causal inferences; analysis of skewed distributions; analysis of missing data; diagnostic medicine; health services research; mental health research

Biostatistics: Adjunct Faculty
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Browning, Brian, Adjunct Professor
Hamblett, Nicole, Adjunct Professor
Magaret, Amalia, Adjunct Research Professor
Mancl, Lloyd, Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Reiner, Bobby, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Biostatistics: Affiliate & Clinical Faculty
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Anderson, Garnet, Affiliate Professor
Bobb, Jennifer, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Chen, Ying, Affiliate Professor
Coley, Rebecca Yates, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Cook, Andrea, Affiliate Professor
Dai, James Y., Affiliate Associate Professor
Di, Chongzhi, Affiliate Associate Professor
Edlefsen, Paul, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Etzioni, Ruth, Affiliate Professor
Fong, Youyi, Affiliate Associate Professor
Hoering, Antje, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Holte, Sarah, Affiliate Associate Professor
Hsu, Li, Affiliate Professor
Huang, Ying, Affiliate Associate Professor
Janes, Holly, Affiliate Associate Professor
Kooperberg, Charles, Affiliate Professor
Lumley, Thomas, Affiliate Professor
Ma, Jing, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Nelson, Jennifer, Affiliate Professor
Othus, Megan, Affiliate Associate Professor
Pepe, Margaret, Affiliate Professor
Polissar, Nayak, Affiliate Associate Professor
Shortreed, Susan, Affiliate Associate Professor
Sun, Wei, Affiliate Associate Professor
Wang, Ching-yun, Affiliate Professor
Wu, Michael, Affiliate Associate Professor
Zhao, Yingqi, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Zheng, Yingye, Affiliate Professor