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Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences: Regular Faculty
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Averill, Michelle Lecturer
PhD (University of Washington)

Burbacher, Thomas Professor
PhD (University of Washington)
Children's Environmental Health. Behavioral Toxicology/Teratology.

Busch Isaksen, Tania Lecturer
PhD (University of Washington)

Camp, Janice Principal Lecturer Emeritus
MSPH (University of Washington), MSN (University of Washington)
Industrial hygiene and safety professional practice, Occupational Health Policy, Adult Education strategies

Cangelosi, Gerard Professor
PhD (University of California (Davis))
Infectious disease exposure and diagnosis, focusing on tuberculosis and related diseases

Cohen, Martin Senior Lecturer and Assistant Chair
ScD (Harvard University), SM (Harvard University)

Costa, Lucio Professor
PharmD (University of Milan (Italy))

Cui, Julia / Yue Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Kansas Medical Center)

Daniell, William Associate Professor Emeritus
MD (Tufts University), MPH (University of Washington)
Environmental and occupational health problems in Southeast Asia, workplace noise exposure and noise-induced hearing loss

Doolittle, Theus Associate Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Southern California)

Easterberg, Charles Lecturer
MS (University of Minnesota)

Eaton, David Professor
PhD (University of Kansas Medical Center)
Biochemical toxicology. Aflatoxin carcinogenesis. Glutathione-mediated biotransformation of toxic chemicals. Genetic susceptibility to environmental carcinogens. 'Gene-environment' interactions.

Ebi, Kristie Professor
PhD (University of Michigan), MPH (University of Michigan), MS (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Errett, Nicole Lecturer
PhD (Johns Hopkins University), MSPH (Johns Hopkins University)

Faustman, Elaine Professor
PhD (Michigan State University)
Developmental toxicology. Risk assessment methodologies. Molecular mechanisms of metals and pesticides.

Fenske, Richard Professor
PhD (University of California (Berkeley)), MPH (University of California (Berkeley))
Agricultural safety and health, Children's health, Cholinesterase monitoring, Climate change, Exposure assessment, Fluorescent tracer; Genetic susceptibility to toxins; Industrial hygiene; Lead paint; Occupational exposure; Pediatric environmental health; Pesticides; Pesticides and children; Risk assessment; Risk communication; Risk management; Zoonotic disease and vector control

Franklin, Gary Research Professor
MD (George Washington University), MPH (University of California (Berkeley))
Occupational injury. Neurological epidemiology. Outcomes research.

Freeman, Stanley Senior Lecturer Emeritus
MA (New York University)

Frumkin, Howard Professor Emeritus
DrPH (Harvard University), MPH (Harvard University), MD (University of Pennsylvania)

Gallagher, Evan Professor
PhD (Duke University), MEM (Duke University)
Aquatic Toxicology. Drug Metabolism. Pesticides. Emerging Contaminants. Metals. Olfactory injury. Superfund Sites. Toxicogenomics. Zebrafish. Transgenics. Oxidative stress. Mitochondrial injury. PBDEs.

Gleason, Richard Senior Lecturer
MSPH (University of Washington)
Construction safety. OSHA/WISHA Training Institute. Occupational health and safety. Hazardous waste site cleanup. UW-OSHA Region X. Train-the-Trainer. Workers compensation claims reduction.

Godwin, Hilary Professor and Dean

Hatlen, Jack Associate Professor Emeritus

Hecker, Steven Senior Lecturer Emeritus
MSPH (University of Washington)
Safety and health training, education, and program evaluation; construction safety and ergonomics; safety and health program management; cabin air quality and flight crew health

Hess, Jeremy Associate Professor
MD (Emory University), MPH (Emory University)

Illman, Deborah Lecturer

Johnson, Peter Professor
PhD (University of California (Berkeley)), MS (University of California (Berkeley))
Ergonomics. Bioengineering. Whole body vibration. Computer-related disorders. Developing hardware and software technologies for assessing exposures to physical risk factors.

Kalman, David Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Washington)
Environmental chemistry. Detection and fate of chemical hazards in natural and man-made environments.

Karr, Catherine Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MD (University of Washington), MS (University of Washington)

Kaufman, Joel Professor and Acting Associate Dean
MD (University of Michigan), MPH (University of Washington)
Environmental and occupational epidemiology, health effects of diesel exhaust exposures, environmental factors in cardiovascular and respiratory disease, occupational asthma, traffic-related air pollution and environmental health

Kavanagh, Terrance Professor
PhD (Michigan State University), MS (Michigan State University)
Glutathione metabolism. Analytical cytology. In vitro toxicology. Transgenic models. Toxicology of reactive oxygen/nitrogen species. Toxicogenomics. Nanotoxicology. Systems toxicology.

Kissel, John Professor Emeritus
PhD (Stanford University), MS (Harvard University)
Human exposure assessment, dermal exposure and absorption, risk assessment, hazardous waste management, soil cleanup, water quality

Koenig, Jane Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Washington), MS (University of Washington)
Respiratory physiology, pulmonary effects of inhalation of airborne pollutants on susceptible populations

Larson, Timothy Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MSChE (University of Washington)
Cardiovascular disease and traffic.

Luchtel, Daniel Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Washington)
Respiratory toxicology, lung histopathology and pathophysiology, optical and electron microscopic techniques.

Meschke, Scott Professor
JD (University of Kansas), PhD (University of North Carolina), MS (Indiana University)

Monteith, Lee Senior Lecturer Emeritus
MS (University of Washington)
Adsorption process in passive dosimeter badges, methods for the measurements of glove permeation, methods for the detection and measurement of trace compounds in the environment

Morgan, Michael Professor Emeritus
DSc (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Applied respiratory physiology, inhalation toxicology

Morris, Sharon Senior Lecturer Emeritus
BA (Reed College)
Occupational safety and health education and training, legal and ethical issues, policy analysis and program evaluation

Osaki, Carl Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus

Otten, Jennifer Associate Professor
PhD (University of Vermont), MS (Tufts University), BS (Texas A&M University)

Rabinowitz, Peter Professor
MD (University of Washington), MPH (Yale University)

Roberts, Marilyn Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MS (University of Washington)
Environmental vancomycin resistant enterococci [VRE]. Environmental, clinical and occupational methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus [MRSA]. Antibiotic & mercury resistance genes in the environment. Bacterial genetics and gene exchange and comparing genomes using whole genome sequencing. Emerging and reemerging diseases. Molecular epidemiology. One Health and how the environment, humans and animals interact and share antibiotic resistant bacteria. Antibiotic resistance genes and diseases with work with birds, cows, primates, orca whales and river otters.

Robkin, Maurice Professor Emeritus

Rosenfeld, Michael Professor
PhD (University of Wisconsin), MS (University of Vermont)
Mechanisms of atherogenisis and macrophage biology

Sack, Coralynn Acting Assistant Professor

Seixas, Noah Professor
PhD (University of Michigan), MS (Harvard University)
Exposure assessments in the context of retrospective, cross-sectional and prospective epidemiology studies and health and safety needs of workers in precarious jobs. Characterization and control of welding fume exposures in shipbuilding and other industries. Investigations in the mining, construction, waste handling, and primary and secondary metal industries. Evaluating the effectiveness of organizational interventions to improve safety and health performance. Developing effective health and safety programs for contingent and immigrant workers.

Seto, Edmund Y. W. Associate Professor
MS (University of California (Berkeley)), PhD (University of California (Berkeley))

Sheppard, Lianne Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MSc (Johns Hopkins University)
Air pollution health effect and occupational epidemiological studies, estimation of health effects from environmental and occupational exposures, exposure modeling, measurement error in health effects studies, incorporating group information in epidemiologic studies

Simcox, Nancy Lecturer

Simpson, Christopher Professor
PhD (University of British Columbia (Canada)), MSc (University of Waikato)
Air Pollution Monitoring and Modeling. Ambient Air Pollutants. Analytical Chemistry. Biological Monitoring, Biomarkers. Cholinesterase monitoring. Diesel Exhaust. Exposure Assessment. Indoor Air. Industrial Chemistry. Industrial Hygiene. Occupational Exposure. Pesticides. Polycyclic Hydrocarbons. Trace Contaminants. Wood Smoke.

Sipos, Yona Lecturer

Spector, June Associate Professor and Assistant Chair
MD (Yale University)
Health effects of exposure to hot conditions in working populations. Preventing adverse heat health effects and improving biological adaptation to heat.

Treser, Charles Principal Lecturer Emeritus
MPH (University of Michigan)
Environmental public health practice, law and regulation; policy analysis; decision making; program planning and evaluation; education of environmental health workforce; housing; zoonotic disease; vector control; environmental health policy

van Belle, Gerald Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Toronto (Canada)), MA (University of Toronto (Canada))
Experimental design, data characterization, and analysis with emphasis to neuro-degenerative diseases & environmental studies, air pollution effects on health, and links between daily fluctuations in air pollution and morbidity & mortality statistics

Vedal, Sverre Professor
MSc (Harvard University), MD (University of Colorado)
Health effects of air pollution. Occupational lung disease.

Woods, James Research Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of North Carolina), MS (University of Washington)
Molecular toxicology of trace metals, metal effects on heme and porphyrin metabolism, biological markers of metal exposure, gene-metal interactions

Xia, Zhengui Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MS (Wuhan University (China))
Apoptosis. Neurogenesis. Adult neurogenesis. Children's health. Developmental toxicology. Genetic susceptibility to toxins. Nervous system toxicity. Neurotoxicology. Neurobiology. Olfaction and cognition. Heavy metals. Lead, cadmium, gene-environment interactions. GXE. Alzheimer’s disease. Cognitive decline. Senile dementia. Sex differences on disease susceptibility. Window of susceptibility.

Yost, Michael Professor and Chair
PhD (University of California (Berkeley)), MS (University of California (Berkeley))
Optical remote sensing of chemicals in the environment. Physical agents in the workplace: noise, vibration, non-ionizing radiation.

Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences: Adjunct Faculty
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Beck, David, Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Cherry, Debra, Adjunct Associate Professor
Cullen, Alison, Adjunct Professor
de Castro, Butch, Adjunct Professor
Dodd, Michael, Adjunct Associate Professor
Furlong, Clem, Adjunct Professor
Keifer, Matthew, Adjunct Professor
Kelly, Edward, Adjunct Associate Professor
Lampe, Johanna, Adjunct Research Professor
Lasker, Grace, Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Novosselov, Igor, Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
Sathyanarayana, Sheela, Adjunct Associate Professor
Sears, Jeanne, Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Tandon, Pooja, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Thummel, Kenneth, Adjunct Professor
Xu, Libin, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences: Affiliate & Clinical Faculty
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Andrasik, Michele, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Bao, Stephen, Affiliate Professor
Bardosh, Kevin, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Bonauto, David, Clinical Professor
Boyle, David, Affiliate Associate Professor
Brodkin, Carl, Clinical Associate Professor
Bussiere, Jeanine, Affiliate Professor
Campbell, Philip, Affiliate Instructor
Chan, Laurie, Affiliate Professor
Checkoway, Harvey, Affiliate Professor
Choi, Won-Seok, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Cirone, Patricia, Affiliate Professor
Dannenberg, Andrew, Affiliate Professor
Darby, Paul, Clinical Instructor
Duff, Robert, Affiliate Instructor
Duncan, Patrick, Affiliate Associate Professor
Dykstra, Elizabeth, Affiliate Associate Professor
Echeverria, Diana, Affiliate Professor
Faestel, Paul, Clinical Assistant Professor
Gagney, Aileen, Affiliate Instructor
Galavíz, Vanessa, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Garland, John, Affiliate Professor
Garry, Michael, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Gautom, Romesh, Affiliate Professor
Gilbert, Steven, Affiliate Professor
Gill, Christopher, Affiliate Professor
Gilmore, Timothy, Clinical Associate Professor
Gribble (Walker), Elizabeth, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Guizzetti, Marina, Affiliate Associate Professor
Haq, Abid, Clinical Assistant Professor
Havens, Deborah, Clinical Instructor
Hoff, Rodney, Clinical Professor
Holland, John, Clinical Professor
Hu, Howard, Affiliate Professor
James, Rosalina, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Kerr, Susan, Affiliate Professor
Kim, Sun-Young, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Krejsa, Cecile, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Lahner, Lesanna, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Leader, Brandon, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Lefebvre, Kathi, Affiliate Associate Professor
Leme, Daniela, Affiliate Associate Professor
Lewandowski, Thomas, Affiliate Associate Professor
Lin, Jia-Hua, Affiliate Associate Professor
Lincoln, Jennifer, Affiliate Associate Professor
Lorenzana, Roseanne, Affiliate Associate Professor
Lu, Alex, Affiliate Professor
Mar, Therese, Affiliate Instructor
Mazengia, Eyob, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Meador, James, Affiliate Professor
Millies, Bruce, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Nkyekyer, Esi, Clinical Instructor
Omenn, Gilbert, Affiliate Professor
Omiecinski, Curtis, Affiliate Professor
Onstad, Gretchen, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Pappaioanou, Marguerite, Affiliate Professor
Ponce, Rafael, Affiliate Associate Professor
Reul, Nicholas, Clinical Instructor
Riederer, Anne, Affiliate Associate Professor
Roop, Heidi, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Rostykus, Walt, Affiliate Instructor
Schoen, Mary, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Scholz, Nathaniel, Affiliate Associate Professor
Silverstein, Barbara, Affiliate Professor
Silverstein, Michael, Clinical Professor
Silvey, Guy, Affiliate Instructor
Skilton, Christopher, Affiliate Instructor
Sparks, Patricia, Clinical Associate Professor
Spielholz, Peregrin, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Sprugel, Katherine, Affiliate Professor
Stockbridge, Henry, Clinical Associate Professor
Takaro, Timothy, Clinical Professor
Tsai, Ming-Yi, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Tubby, Ronald, Affiliate Instructor
Turnberg, Wayne, Affiliate Instructor
Van Buren, Jude, Affiliate Associate Professor
Wang, Meng, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Weiss, Michael, Clinical Assistant Professor
Whittaker, Stephen, Affiliate Associate Professor
Wishnie, Jennifer, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Wu, Chang-Fu, Affiliate Associate Professor
Zarbl, Helmut, Affiliate Professor