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Global Health: Regular Faculty
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Alwan, Ala Visiting Professor

Anderson, Ben Professor
MD (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)

Babigumira, Joseph Associate Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MS (Case Western Reserve University), MBChB (Mbarara University of Science and Technology)
Cancer, Health Financing, Maternal Child Health (incl. Reproductive Health), Pharmaceutical Science, Workforce

Baeten, Jared Professor and Vice Chair
MD (University of Washington), PhD (University of Washington)
HIV/AIDS, Maternal Child Health (incl. Reproductive Health), STDs (other than HIV)

Barnabas, Ruanne Associate Professor
DPhil (University of Oxford), MSc (University of Oxford)

Barnhart, Scott Professor
MD (George Washington University), MPH (University of Washington)
Health system strengthening, quality improvement, research and strategies to improve health and decrease disparities in health including reducing medical and non-medical determinants such as behaviors and social environment.

Bezruchka, Stephen Senior Lecturer
MD (Stanford University), MPH (Johns Hopkins University)
Factors affecting health of populations

Bukusi, Elizabeth Research Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington), MM (University of Nairobi (Kenya))

Campbell, Lee Ann Professor
PhD (Pennsylvania State University), MS (Pennsylvania State University)
Pathogenic mechanisms of Chlamydia pneumoniae and Chlamydia tracthomatis

Celum, Connie Professor
MD (University of California (San Francisco)), MPH (University of Washington), BA (Stanford University)
HIV prevention; microbicide; vaccine trials with the objective to find effective strategies to reduce HIV acquisition and transmission.

Chung, Michael Associate Professor
MD (University of Chicago), MPH (Harvard University)

Collins, Pamela Professor

Cowan, James Assistant Professor
MD (Johns Hopkins University), MBA (University of Washington), MPH (Harvard University)

Cromwell, Elizabeth Assistant Professor

Denno, Donna Professor
MD (University of Michigan)
Childhood infectious diseases, child and adolescent health in developing countries, health care delivery strategies

DeRouen, Timothy Professor Emeritus
PhD (Virginia Polytechnic Inst & State Univ), MS (Virginia Polytechnic Inst & State Univ)
Methods for correlated data and applications in dentistry; epidemiology of sexually transmitted diseases

Dieleman, Joseph Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MA (University of Washington)

Downer, Ann Professor
EdD (Seattle University), MS (University of Washington)
HIV/AIDS/STD, education, training, health communication

Drain, Paul Assistant Professor
MD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)

Drake, Alison Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Michigan)

Ebi, Kristie Professor
PhD (University of Michigan), MPH (University of Michigan), MS (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Farquhar, Carey Professor
MD (Harvard University)
AIDS epidemiology and HIV prevention in Africa; heterosexual and vertical HIV transmission

Fitzpatrick, Annette Research Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MA (Southern Illinois University)
Studies of aging and chronic diseases; cardiovascular disease and its risk factors; physical and cognitive functioning in the elderly; dementia including Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia; chronic disease in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs)

Flaxman, Abraham Associate Professor
PhD (Carnegie Mellon University)

Frahm, Nicole Associate Professor
PhD (University of Hamburg (Germany)), MS (Technical University of Braunschweig)

Gakidou, Emmanuela Professor
PhD (Harvard University), MSc (Harvard University)
Impact evaluation studies; health systems reforms; health inequalities and health of the poor; measurement of adult mortality in developing countries

Gloyd, Stephen Professor
MD (University of Chicago), MPH (Harvard University)
Health systems research, implementation science, political economy of global health

Gonzales, Virginia Senior Lecturer Emeritus
EdD (Harvard University), MPH (University of California (Berkeley)), MSW (University of California (Berkeley))
Women's health, national and international STD/HIV/AIDS prevention, prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV

Graham, Susan Associate Professor
PhD (University of Toronto (Canada)), MD (McGill University (Canada)), MPH (Boston University)

Guthrie, Brandon Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)

Hagopian, Amy Associate Professor
MHA (University of Washington), PhD (University of Washington)
International health workforce issues, the effects of war on global health

Hakomori, Sen-itiroh Professor Emeritus
MM (Tohoku Imperial University (Japan))
Role of glycosphingolipids in defining antigenicity; cellular interaction and signal transduction

Hay, Simon Professor
DSc (University of Oxford), DPhil (University of Oxford)

Heffron, Renee Associate Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (Tulane University)

Herbeck, Joshua Assistant Professor
PhD (University of California (Berkeley))

Hernandez Prado, Bernardo Associate Professor
DSc (Harvard University), MS (London School of Economics (UK))

Hess, Jeremy Associate Professor
MD (Emory University), MPH (Emory University)

Holmes, King Professor
MD (Cornell University), AB (Harvard University)
Global health; internal medicine; infectious diseases with research on HIV/AIDS and STDs; clinical epidemiology; microbiology; clinical trials; HIV/STD prevention research

Jamison, Dean Professor Emeritus
PhD (Harvard University), MS (Stanford University)
Cost-effectiveness; health economics; economics of education; human resources; economic development

Jaspan, Heather Associate Professor
MD (Tulane University), PhD (Tulane University)

John-Stewart, Grace Professor
MD (University of Michigan), MPH (University of Washington), PhD (University of Washington)
HIV-1 transmission, pathogenesis, co-infections, and treatment; molecular epidemiology/implementation science/clinical trials/MCH/TB

Kenny, George Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Minnesota), MS (University of North Dakota)

Kohler, Pamela Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)

Kyu, Hmwe Assistant Professor
PhD (McMaster University (Canada)), MPH (Chulalongkorn University (Thailand))

Lampe, Paul Research Professor
PhD (University of Minnesota)
Cancer biomarker discovery (both early detection and diagnostic/prognostic) .
Cell biology and regulation of intercellular communication (GJIC) during wounding and carcinogenesis.

Lane, Jeff Assistant Professor
MPH (University of Washington), JD (University of Washington)

Lingappa, Jairam Professor
MD (University of California (San Francisco)), PhD (Harvard University)

Lingappa, Jaisri Professor
MD (University of Massachusetts), PhD (Harvard University)
HIV assembly, assembly of other viruses, cell and molecular biology of HIV/AIDS, viral-host interactions.

Lober, William Professor
MD (University of California (San Francisco)), MS (University of California (Berkeley))

LoGerfo Sr., James Professor Emeritus
MD (University of Rochester), MPH (University of Washington)
Assessment; medical and preventive care

Lukehart, Sheila Professor
PhD (University of California Los Angeles)

Syphilis, including pathogenesis, antigenic variation, vaccine development; endemic treponematoses

Lund, Jennifer Associate Professor
PhD (Yale University), MS (Yale University)

Mackelprang, Romel Acting Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MS (University of Washington)

Martin, Robert Professor Emeritus
DrPH (University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)), MPH (University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)), MS (Michigan Technological University)
International laboratory systems development, laboratory management, and laboratory quality assurance

McClelland, Scott Professor
MD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)
International epidemiology; prevention and treatment of HIV-1 and sexually transmitted diseases in resource-limited settings

McGrath, Christine Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of North Texas Health Science Center)

Means, Arianna Acting Assistant Professor

Mercer, Mary Anne Senior Lecturer Emeritus
MPH (Johns Hopkins University)
International health; maternal and child health

Mock, Charlie Professor
MD (Brown University), PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)
Injury prevention and trauma care, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

Monroe-Wise, Anna Acting Assistant Professor

Morin, Cory Acting Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Arizona), MA (University of Arizona)

Mugambi, Melissa Assistant Professor
PhD (Case Western Reserve University), MD (Northwestern University)

Mugo, Nelly Research Associate Professor

Mullins, James Professor
PhD (University of Minnesota)

Nsoesie, Elaine Assistant Professor
PhD (Virginia Tech), MS (Virginia Tech)

O'Malley, Gabrielle Associate Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MA (Johns Hopkins University)

Program Evaluation, formative research, qualitative methods, medical anthropology, gender, economic development, health systems , implementation science, social and behavioral research

Oberle, Mark Professor Emeritus
MD (Johns Hopkins University), MPH (University of California (Berkeley))
Epidemiology; Informatics

Pavlinac, Patricia Assistant Professor
MS (University of Washington), PhD (University of Washington)

Perrone, Lucy Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Texas (Galveston)), MSPH (Tulane University)

Pfeiffer, James Professor
PhD (University of California Los Angeles), MPH (University of California Los Angeles), MA (University of California Los Angeles)
Medical anthropology; International health; HIV/AIDS prevention

Pigott, David Assistant Professor
DPhil (University of Oxford)

Puttkammer, Nancy Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of California (Berkeley))

Rabinowitz, Peter Professor
MD (University of Washington), MPH (Yale University)

Rao, Deepa Associate Professor
PhD (Illinois Institute of Technology), MA (University of Chicago)

Ross, Jennifer Acting Assistant Professor

Roxby, Alison Assistant Professor
MD (University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)), MSc (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (UK))

Salmon, Marla Professor
MS (University of Portland), ScD (Johns Hopkins University)

Sanford, Christopher Associate Professor
MPH (Harvard University), MD (University of California (San Diego))

Sherr, Kenneth Associate Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)
Systems Analysis and Improvement Approaches; Implementation Science;Primary Health Care; Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs

Slyker, Jennifer Assistant Professor
PhD (Open University), MSc (Oxford University (UK))

Soge, Olusegun Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Ibadan (Nigeria)), MSc (University of Ibadan (Nigeria))

Stanaway, Jeffrey Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Arizona)

Thompson, Matthew Professor
DPhil (University of Oxford), MPH (University of Washington), MBChB (University of Glasgow (UK))

Unger, Jennifer Assistant Professor
MD (University of Connecticut), MPH (University of Connecticut)

Wagenaar, Bradley Acting Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (Emory University)

Walson, Judd Professor
MPH (Tufts University)

Wasserheit, Judith Professor and Chair
MD (Harvard University)

  • Impact of HIV and other STDs on women and adolescents
  • STD/HIV interactions
  • HIV vaccine clinical trials
  • Implementation science

Weaver, Marcia Research Professor
PhD (University of Chicago), MA (University of Chicago)
Cost analysis; HIV/AIDS programs

Weiner, Bryan Professor
PhD (University of Michigan), MA (University of Michigan)

Wiktor, Stefan Acting Professor

Zunt, Joseph Professor
MPH (University of Washington), MD (University of Minnesota)
Retroviral (HTLV-1 and -2, HIV) infections; infections of the nervous system; commercial sex work; pediatric/adolescent health in Peru

Global Health: Adjunct Faculty
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Adams-Waldorf, Kristina, Adjunct Professor
Batra, Maneesh, Adjunct Associate Professor
Ben-Zeev, Dror, Adjunct Professor
Bennett, Ian, Adjunct Professor
Bhagwanjee, Satish, Adjunct Professor
Cangelosi, Gerard, Adjunct Professor
Chapman, Rachel, Adjunct Associate Professor
Chesnut, Randall, Adjunct Professor
Chwastiak, Lydia, Adjunct Associate Professor
Colven, Roy, Adjunct Professor
Cowgill, Karen, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Curran, Sara, Adjunct Professor
Donovan, Dennis, Adjunct Professor
Doorenbos, Ardith, Adjunct Professor
Dorsey, Shannon, Adjunct Associate Professor
Duber, Herbert, Adjunct Associate Professor
Eckert, Linda, Adjunct Professor
El Bcheraoui, Charbel, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ellenbogen, Richard, Adjunct Professor
Forehand, Mark, Adjunct Professor
Frenkel , Lisa , Adjunct Professor
Gale, Jr., Michael, Adjunct Professor
Garcia, Rochelle, Adjunct Professor
Giacani, Lorenzo, Adjunct Associate Professor
Gimbel, Sarah, Adjunct Associate Professor
Gottlieb, Geoffrey, Adjunct Professor
Gralow, Julie, Adjunct Professor
Gravett, Michael, Adjunct Professor
Harachi, Tracy, Adjunct Associate Professor
Hawes, Stephen , Adjunct Professor
Hawn, Thomas, Adjunct Professor
Hedstrom, Anna, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Horne, David, Adjunct Associate Professor
Hybiske, Kevin, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jackson, J. Carey, Adjunct Professor
Kalume, Franck, Adjunct Associate Professor
Kasprzyk, Danuta, Adjunct Research Professor
Kassebaum, Nicholas, Adjunct Associate Professor
Katz, Aaron, Adjunct Principal Lecturer
Katzenellenbogen, Rachel, Adjunct Associate Professor
Kaysen, Debra, Adjunct Professor
Kim, Nina, Adjunct Associate Professor
Koelle, David, Adjunct Professor
Kyes, Randall, Adjunct Research Professor
Liles, W Conrad, Adjunct Professor
Linial, Maxine, Adjunct Research Professor
Manhart, Lisa, Adjunct Professor
Mayer, Jonathan, Adjunct Professor
McElrath, Juliana, Adjunct Professor
McIntyre, Susan, Adjunct Lecturer
Montano, Daniel, Adjunct Research Professor
Morris, Stephen, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Myers, Kathleen, Adjunct Professor
Narita, Masa, Adjunct Professor
Nielsen, Katie, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Pak-Gorstein, Suzinne, Adjunct Associate Professor
Perez, Krystle, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Polyak, Steve, Adjunct Research Professor
Rajagopal, Lakshmi, Adjunct Associate Professor
Rathod, Pradipsinh, Adjunct Professor
Richardson, Barbra Ann, Adjunct Research Professor
Roberts, Marilyn, Adjunct Professor
Roche, Anthony, Adjunct Associate Professor
Roth, Gregory, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Scheel, John, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Seminario, Ana, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Shah, Javeed, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Shah, Sachita, Adjunct Associate Professor
Shen, Tueng, Adjunct Professor
Simoni, Jane, Adjunct Professor
Spencer, Benjamin , Adjunct Associate Professor
Spigner, Clarence, Adjunct Professor
Stekler, Joanne, Adjunct Associate Professor
Stern, Eric, Adjunct Professor
Totten, Patricia, Adjunct Research Professor
Townes, David, Adjunct Associate Professor
Unutzer, Jurgen, Adjunct Professor
Van Voorhis, Wes, Adjunct Professor
Vander Stoep, Ann, Adjunct Professor
Veith, Richard, Adjunct Professor
von Saint Andre-von Arnim, Amelie, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Walters, Karina, Adjunct Professor
West, T. Eoin, Adjunct Associate Professor
Yager, Paul, Adjunct Professor
Zhang, Fangyi, Adjunct Associate Professor

Global Health: Affiliate & Clinical Faculty
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Ahmed, Tahmeed, Affiliate Professor
Akullian, Adam, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Alarcon, Jorge, Affiliate Professor
Ali, Ahmed, Clinical Instructor
Anderson, Clive, Clinical Assistant Professor
Andrasik, Michele, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Angula, Dega, Clinical Instructor
Arndt, Michael, Affiliate Instructor
Babaye, Yusuf, Clinical Instructor
Barnabee, Gena, Clinical Instructor
Basinga, Paulin, Affiliate Associate Professor
Bates, Nicole, Affiliate Associate Professor
Becker, Stephen, Affiliate Associate Professor
Beckmann, Anna Marie, Affiliate Associate Professor
Behrens, Christopher, Clinical Associate Professor
Beima-Sofie, Kristin, Clinical Assistant Professor
Bell, Beth, Clinical Professor
Benki-Nugent, Sarah, Clinical Assistant Professor
Berkley, James, Affiliate Professor
Bershteyn, Anna, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Bertozzi, Stefano, Affiliate Professor
Beschta, Julie, Clinical Instructor
Beste, Jason, Affiliate Instructor
Billy, Aristide, Clinical Instructor
Blas, Magaly, Affiliate Associate Professor
Bose, Niranjan, Affiliate Associate Professor
Brandt, Laura, Clinical Associate Professor
Brauer, Michael, Affiliate Professor
Brentlinger, Paula, Clinical Assistant Professor
Brewer, Thomas, Affiliate Associate Professor
Brooker, Simon, Affiliate Professor
Burnett, Richard, Affiliate Professor
Butler, Ivonne, Clinical Instructor
Cagle, Anthony, Affiliate Instructor
Campbell, Nancy, Clinical Assistant Professor
Carter, Darrick, Affiliate Professor
Cassels, Susan, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Chaowanachan, Thanyanan, Clinical Instructor
Charlson, Fiona, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Chilundo, Baltazar, Affiliate Professor
Citrin, David, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Cliff, Julie, Affiliate Professor
Cohen, Aaron, Affiliate Professor
Coler, Rhea, Affiliate Professor
Crofts, Anita Verna, Clinical Instructor
Cuembelo, Maria, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dali, Aime, Clinical Instructor
Dandona, Lalit, Clinical Professor
Dandona, Rakhi, Clinical Professor
Das, Abhijit, Clinical Assistant Professor
Degenhardt, Louisa, Affiliate Professor
Demamu, Solomon, Clinical Associate Professor
Dessalegn, Baz, Clinical Associate Professor
Dharmaratne, Samath, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Dodd, Chris, Clinical Instructor
Donnell, Deborah, Affiliate Associate Professor
Drake, Lesley, Affiliate Associate Professor
Duan, Leilei, Affiliate Professor
Duerr, Ann, Affiliate Professor
Duncombe, Christopher, Clinical Associate Professor
Duthie, Malcolm, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Eaton, Jeffrey, Affiliate Associate Professor
Edwards, Jeffrey, Clinical Instructor
Elias, Christopher, Clinical Professor
Emerman, Michael, Affiliate Professor
Engmann, Cyril, Clinical Professor
Erskine, Holly, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Ezzati, Majid, Affiliate Professor
Farmer, Elizabeth, Clinical Instructor
Faubion, Todd, Clinical Assistant Professor
Feagin, Jean, Affiliate Associate Professor
Feldacker, Caryl, Clinical Assistant Professor
Feleke, Getachew, Clinical Associate Professor
Ferrari, Alize, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Forster, Norbert, Clinical Associate Professor
Fox, Christopher , Affiliate Assistant Professor
Free, Michael, Affiliate Instructor
Freeman, Paul, Clinical Assistant Professor
Frey, Sarah, Clinical Instructor
Garcia, Patricia, Affiliate Professor
Garnett, Geoffrey, Affiliate Professor
Gayle, Helene, Clinical Associate Professor
Gertler, Rob, Affiliate Associate Professor
Ghee, Annette, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Gorstein, Jonathan, Clinical Associate Professor
Granato , S. Adam , Clinical Instructor
Grove, John, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Grundner, Christoph , Affiliate Associate Professor
Gugsa, Salem, Clinical Instructor
Hallett, Timothy, Affiliate Professor
Hansen, John, Affiliate Associate Professor
Hanson, Matt, Clinical Instructor
Hassan, Wisal, Clinical Assistant Professor
Hira, Subhash, Affiliate Professor
Hoff, Rodney, Clinical Professor
Holte, Sarah, Affiliate Associate Professor
Honore, Jean Guy, Clinical Instructor
Houck, Peter, Clinical Assistant Professor
Huang, Yunda, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Huster, Karin, Clinical Instructor
Israel-Ballard, Kiersten, Affiliate Associate Professor
Jacobson, Julie, Affiliate Associate Professor
Jahn, Andreas, Clinical Assistant Professor
Jenny, Alisa, Clinical Instructor
Johnson, Wendy, Clinical Assistant Professor
Kappe, Stefan, Affiliate Professor
Kasmar, Anne, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Kaushansky, Alexis, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Khan, Sadaf, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Kiarie, James, Affiliate Associate Professor
Kimerling, Michael, Affiliate Professor
Kinuthia, John, Affiliate Associate Professor
Kochhar, Sonali, Clinical Associate Professor
Koju, Rajendra, Affiliate Associate Professor
Kone, Ahoua, Clinical Assistant Professor
Kouyate, Seydou, Clinical Instructor
Kublin, James, Clinical Associate Professor
Kumar, Manasi, Affiliate Associate Professor
Kurath, Gael, Affiliate Professor
Kurth, Ann, Affiliate Professor
Lackritz, Eve, Affiliate Professor
Lafta, Riyadh , Affiliate Professor
Lama, Javier , Affiliate Associate Professor
Lambdin, Barrot, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Lamberti, Laura, Affiliate Assistant Professor
LaMontagne, D. Scott, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Larsen, Kristine, Clinical Instructor
Larson, Heidi, Clinical Associate Professor
Laxminarayan, Ramanan, Affiliate Professor
Ledikwe, Jenny, Clinical Assistant Professor
Lehman, Dara, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Levack, Andrew, Clinical Instructor
Levin, Carol, Clinical Associate Professor
Lindsley, Robert, Clinical Assistant Professor
Lopez, Alan, Affiliate Professor
Makunike-Chikwinya, Batsirai, Clinical Associate Professor
Mallya, Apoorva, Affiliate Instructor
Mamo, Wubshet, Clinical Associate Professor
Mandaliya, Kishorchandra, Affiliate Professor
Manoharan, Gurusamy, Clinical Associate Professor
Maroa, Jenniffer, Clinical Assistant Professor
Masiye, Felix, Affiliate Assistant Professor
McArthur, Duncan , Clinical Instructor
McGuire, Andrew, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Meller, Gretchen, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Meyanathan, Sarah, Clinical Instructor
Micek, Mark, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mogford, Elizabeth, Affiliate Associate Professor
Montgomery, Joel, Affiliate Associate Professor
Montoya, Pablo, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mpanga Sebuyira, Lydia, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mudender, Florindo, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mujugira, Andrew, Affiliate Instructor
Mukisa, Robert, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mwisongo, Aziza, Clinical Associate Professor
Myler, Peter, Affiliate Professor
Nair, Nathan, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Ndoh, Kingsley, Clinical Assistant Professor
Newman, Laura, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Newman, Robert, Clinical Professor
Ngure, Kenneth, Affiliate Associate Professor
Nickle, David, Affiliate Associate Professor
Noble, Michael, Affiliate Professor
Nugent, Rachel, Affiliate Associate Professor
Orenstein, Walter, Affiliate Professor
Orr, Mark, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Ortiz, Justin, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Orubu, Toritse, Clinical Assistant Professor
Parish, Tanya, Affiliate Professor
Parsons, Marilyn, Affiliate Professor
Pecenka, Clinton, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Peinado, Jesus, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Pell Bishop, Anne Mallory (Amie), Clinical Instructor
Petracca, Frances, Clinical Instructor
Phiri, Sam, Affiliate Professor
Prlic, Martin, Affiliate Associate Professor
Pyne Mercier, Lee, Affiliate Instructor
Rajaratnam, Julie, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ramjee, Gita, Clinical Professor
Rapport II, Richard, Clinical Professor
Reed, Steven, Affiliate Professor
Rewari, Bharat, Clinical Associate Professor
Reyes, E. Michael, Affiliate Professor
Rivin, Beth, Clinical Associate Professor
Robinson, Julia, Clinical Instructor
Romu, Saara, Affiliate Instructor
Ronen, Keshet, Clinical Assistant Professor
Rousseau, Christine , Affiliate Assistant Professor
Rubardt, Marcie, Clinical Instructor
Rubens, Craig, Affiliate Professor
Rustad, Tige, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Sadate-Ngatchou, Patricia, Clinical Assistant Professor
Sanchez, Jorge, Affiliate Professor
Santomauro, Damian, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Sather, Noah, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Sayed, Anwar, Clinical Instructor
Sepulveda, Jaime, Affiliate Professor
Sgaier, Sema, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Shah, Nirupa, Clinical Assistant Professor
Shapoval, Anna, Clinical Instructor
Sharma, Anjali, Clinical Instructor
Shepard, Mark, Clinical Assistant Professor
Sherman, David, Affiliate Professor
Sherris, Jacqueline, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Shoultz, David, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Singa, Benson, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Small, Peter, Affiliate Professor
Smith, Joseph, Affiliate Professor
Sobanjo-ter Meulen, Ajoke, Affiliate Associate Professor
Sodora, Donald, Affiliate Professor
Sow, Papa Salif, Affiliate Professor
Ssekitoleko, Richard, Affiliate Instructor
Stamatatos, Leo, Affiliate Professor
Steele, Matthew, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Steketee, Richard, Affiliate Professor
Stuart, Ken, Affiliate Professor
Subramanian, Naeha, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Taylor, Justin, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Temesgen, Awoke, Clinical Assistant Professor
Temu, Tecla, Clinical Assistant Professor
Thomas, Bernadette, Clinical Assistant Professor
Thompson, Susan, Clinical Instructor
Tweya, Hannock, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Tyagi, Prakash, Clinical Associate Professor
Van Damme, Lut, Affiliate Associate Professor
Van Hoeven, Neal, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Voss, Joachim, Affiliate Professor
Wade, Daren, Clinical Instructor
Wagner, Theodore, Clinical Professor
Walker, Damian, Affiliate Associate Professor
Walker, Dilys, Affiliate Associate Professor
Wang, Hong, Affiliate Professor
West, Kathleen, Clinical Assistant Professor
Whiteford, Harvey, Affiliate Professor
Wilson, Katherine, Clinical Assistant Professor
Woldemihret, Teklu, Clinical Assistant Professor
Yamamoto, Britt, Clinical Associate Professor
Yigeremu, Solomon, Clinical Associate Professor
Yuryeva, Iryna, Clinical Instructor
Zhou, Maigeng, Affiliate Professor
Zhu, Jun, Affiliate Professor
Ziegler, Henry, Clinical Assistant Professor