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UW SPH News: New Faculty - Spring/Summer 2016

New Faculty - Spring/Summer 2016


Jesse Jones-Smith, associate professor, Health Services, Nutritional Sciences, is a new strategic hire. She leads efforts addressing obesity, food, physical activity and health, which compromise one of the emerging challenges in the School's Strategic Plan. She primarly investigates the role of economic and community resources in risk for obesity in both children and adults.

Anju Aggarwal, acting assistant professor, Epidemiology, focuses on the role of food and the built environment on health-related behaviors and body weight dynamics, topics also related to the Strategic Plan.

Sara Lindstroem, assistant professor, Epidemiology, focuses on understanding the genetic variants associated with complex diseases such as cancer and obesity. Genomics and public health make up another emerging challenge.

David Pigott, assistant professor, Global Health, focuses on improving the spatial resolution at which disease burden and metrics are considered. He also leads work defining at-risk areas for a number of pathogens with pandemic potential.

Bradley Wagenaar, acting instructor, Global Health, is interested in building effective systems for mental health care. His research, implementation and service work focus on supporting equitable public sector health systems and policies globally.