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Graduate Certificate in Comparative Effectiveness Research

Comparative effectiveness research (CER) is a growing field that aims to generate evidence to improve health care decisions for patients and providers. It examines the benefits and risks of different medical or healthcare interventions, including drugs and medical technology. The results of these comparison studies are used by medical professionals to make better informed healthcare decisions and thereby improve patient care.

At a Glance

Administering Department:
Health Services, Pharmacy

Eligibility restricted to current University of Washington graduate students.

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Penny Evans
Graduate Program Advisor

Our Graduate Certificate in CER will provide all interested pre‐doctoral graduate students with multidisciplinary support and training that will enable them to:

  • Build CER knowledge and methods skills,
  • Identify and summarize important evidence gaps in clinical care, in concert with stakeholders,
  • Design and conduct high quality CER studies to address the evidence gaps, and
  • Implement findings from comparative effectiveness studies into clinical practice policy and care management and to evaluate the implementation.