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Minor in Nutritional Sciences

The Nutritional Sciences Minor provides students with a foundation of knowledge in nutritional sciences, food studies, food systems, and population health. Students examine food and nutrition practices and policies that affect sustainable diets and long-term health. The minor offers a multidisciplinary perspective of the food environment, including the interplay of food and nutrition, human behavior, business, culture, and the environment. The Nutritional Sciences Minor is administered by the Nutritional Sciences Program.

Likely Careers

People with Nutritional Sciences Minors pursue a variety of careers in the world of policy, service, and the sciences, among many others.

At a Glance

Administering Department:
Interdisciplinary Program

UW enrolled students wishing to declare the Nutritional Sciences Minor must: a) have completed 45 credits and b) have a declared major.

More information

Program Website

Kristin Elko, Adviser