University of Washington School of Public Health


The implementation plans are a work in progress; leads, timing, and objectives may change as specific strategies are further defined.

Implementation is being carried out in consultation and collaboration with key stakeholders across the School, UW campus, and with community partners. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we continue to implement our goals and strategies.

Strategic Plan Priorities

Since our Strategic Plan is multi-year, we are prioritizing selected goals in specific years.
Here are our priority goals:

Goal 1 : Strengthen Our Teaching
Sub-goal: Strengthen the delivery of high-quality education in our undergraduate, MPH, MS, and PhD Programs

Sub-goal: Broaden opportunities of public health training

Goal 2: Strengthen Our Research
Sub-goal: Develop mechanisms to facilitate cross-disciplinary research, including mutually beneficial arrangements between departments and with other schools and colleges at UW

Goal 3: Strengthen Our Collaborations with Community Partners
Sub-goals: Strengthen connections between research programs and the needs of communities and practitioners

    Promote community research links through outreach, consultative activities, support of translational and community-based participatory research, and rewarding faculty, staff and students who collaborate effectively with community partners

Goal 5: Diversify the School’s faculty and staff
Sub-goals: Develop School-wide recruitment policies with guidelines and measurable goals

    Design and disseminate guidelines for mentoring and retention programs for underrepresented faculty and staff

Goal 7: Promote the School
Sub-goal: Build fundraising approaches around the priorities stated in the Strategic Plan