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University of Washington School of Public Health

Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee's charge was to guide the SPH through the strategic planning process and recommend a strategic plan to the Dean, the School of Public Health Executive Committee, and the Faculty Council for adoption. Members reviewed and made recommendations regarding the planning process; championed the process to School community; and gathered input. The Steering Committee met approximately monthly during the planning process. See member list

An outside consulting firm, BERK, facilitated the Steering Committee meetings and focus groups, interviewed external constituents, and provided guidance for the strategic planning effort.

Alisa Jenny, Special Assistant to the Dean, coordinated the Planning Process. Contact Alisa at:

Steering Committee Members

Rich Fenske (Co-Chair), Professor and Associate Chair, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Andy Stergachis (Co-Chair), Professor, Epidemiology and Global Health

Janice Bell, Assistant Professor, Health Services
Janice Camp, Senior Lecturer, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Lisa Cohen, Executive Director, Washington Global Health Alliance
Janessa Graves, PhD Student, Health Services
Victoria Holt, Professor, Epidemiology
Jon Huang, PhD Student, Epidemiology
Grace John-Stewart, Professor Global Health
Aaron Katz, Principal Lecturer of Health Services and Global Health (adjunct)
James Krieger, Chief, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Section, Public Health - Seattle and King County
Jonathan Mayer, Professor, Epidemiology
Rory Murphy, Manager, Graduate Student Services, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
James Pfeiffer, Associate Professor, Global Health
Julie Rajaratnam, Assistant Professor, Global Health; Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
Sheryl Schwartz, Deputy Director, Health Promotion Research Center
Edward Walker, Professor, Health Services
Bruce Weir, Professor and Chair, Biostatistics
Emily White, Professor, Epidemiology
David Yanez, Associate Professor, Biostatistics

Ex-Officio Members
Howie Frumkin, Dean
Mark Oberle, Associate Dean for Public Health Practice
Fred Connell, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs