University of Washington School of Public Health

Master's in Public Health Practicum Symposium


MPH Practicum Symposium
Friday, April 21, 2017
UW Intellectual House
Refreshments provided

This message serves as a reminder that you are invited to attend the annual MPH Practicum Symposium on Friday, April 21, 2017, from 4-6pm in the UW Intellectual House. The practicum is an integral component of professional training in public health and allows MPH students to observe and learn from practicing professionals while tackling real-world public health challenges, concurrently with their academic experience. This is a great opportunity for faculty, staff, students and community partners to engage with MPH students around their public health projects, as well as an occasion to honor the sites and supervisors who collaborate with the School of Public Health to prepare the next generation of public health leaders.

Please attend to show your support for experiential learning within our community and beyond!