University of Washington School of Public Health

Autumn 2017 Course: Floodplain Management - Planning for River Communities URBDP 526 (SLN 23761)


Course Details:

Title: Floodplain Management - Planning for River Communities

SLN Code: 23761

Credits: 3

Time: MW 4:30 PM - 5:50 PM

Instructor: Bob Freitag CFM

This course may help you with your career.

Floodplains are rapidly degrading.  This is driven by climate change, increased land cover and the demand for flat land. Floodplains are losing their ability to provide natural and beneficial ecosystem services.  This trend can be reversed.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify floodplain values and assets
  • Determine risks and opportunities associated with flooding and


  • Apply natural biological and physical functions to floodplains
  • Apply major risk reduction and opportunity enhancement strategies

to protect identified values and assets.

  • Locate tools to further identified strategies
  • Identify beneficial and adverse impacts resulting from your strategies
  • Have a better appreciation for rivers and floodplains

Gain the capabilities wanted by employers hiring in this growing field.

This course provides the needed professional knowledge, skills and abilities required by prospective employers looking for employees having an understanding of flood risk. Coursework presents a broad view of floodplain management and associated risks. The course will introduce you to stream and coastal mechanics, water management, law and current issues within the larger profession of floodplain management

Required texts include “Floodplain Management: A New Approach for a New Era”, (Freitag etal., Island Press, 2009), “Design for Flooding”, (Watson etal.)

Grades will be based on in-class discussion, two exams, and one major case study project.

This course is open to graduate and upper level undergraduate students in urban planning and related fields.