University of Washington School of Public Health

NEW: Graduate Certificate in One Health


What is One Health?

The growing recognition of the links between human health, animal health, and the environment requires new tools for cooperation and collaboration between professionals working in these sectors. Such transdisciplinary "One Health" approaches demand further development of a common body of knowledge and a common scientific and clinical vocabulary for understanding and controlling diseases affecting both human beings and animals, that often are related to shared environmental exposures.

The Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences is offering a new Graduate Certificate in One Health to UW Graduate students in all disciplines. 

The One Health curriculum emphasizes the linkages and integration between human, animal, and environmental health. Specific areas of emphasis include zoonotic diseases, the human animal bond, integrated approaches to human, animal, and environmental risk and outcome data, and human animal medicine (including clinical comparative medicine). The Graduate Certificate in One Health is intended to enhance the education of matriculated UW graduate students beyond their regular course of study.

Please see the website for details on the curriculum as well as application instructions:

Questions can be directed to Vickie Ramirez, Center Manager, Certificate Coordinator,, office 206.685.2654