University of Washington School of Public Health

Winter 2018 HSERV 590C Announcement


Selected Topics: Organization Theory and Applications in the Study of Health Services

Course Number: HSERV 590C
SLN: 15477
Meeting Time: Thursdays 3:30-6:20 PM
Location: Health Sciences Center, Room E-214

Instructor: Suzanne J. Wood, PhD, MS, FACHE
Assistant Professor, Department of Health Services

Course Description
The primary objective of this doctoral seminar is to examine seminal theoretical perspectives and issues studied under the organization theory (OT) archetype. The purpose is to provide health services researchers with a rigorous set of analytical tools essential to conducting evidence-based management inquiry that informs both knowledge and practice concurrently. Students are to survey important historical contributions and more recent frameworks for their theoretical and empirical contributions to management practice. Particularly important is competency development in the areas of management innovation, organizational learning and collaboration, as well as contextual problem solving techniques. Consequently, special attention will be given to the interface between theoretical approaches and the taking of informed, calculated risks in problem solving.

Best Regards,

Taraneh Guidry
Program Coordinator
School of Public Health
Department of Health Services
University of Washington