University of Washington School of Public Health

Winter Course 2018: HSERV 558 - Tobacco & Public Health


Winter Course 2018: HSERV 558 - Tobacco & Public Health

SLN: 15471; 2-3 credits

Lecture meets: Thursdays, 1-2:50pm

Location: HSI I-132

Instructor: Sarah Ross-Viles


Looking for an elective course to take this winter? The UW Tobacco Studies Program is offering HSERV 558 during Winter 2018. This is a 2-3 credit, in-person course. For more details and a sample syllabus, see the description below, or visit our website.

  • Explore how business beats health in the story of the leading cause of preventable death
  • Learn from national and local experts and professionals

*Students who intend to complete or have completed HSERV 558 or HSERV 556 are eligible for a TSP Career Development Award (Maximum of $1000) to fund research, dissemination and other learning opportunities related to tobacco.