University of Washington School of Public Health

LGBTQ Communities, Public Health, and Migration in Mexico


LGBTQ Communities, Public Health, and Migration in Mexico

Application Deadline: JANUARY 31
Program Dates: July 19- August 17, 2018
Total Program Fees: $4300
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Program website:

Our time in Mexico City and surrounding areas will introduce students to local LGBTQ activists, organizations, and change-makers. We will learn from our community partners about how a country’s history shapes its LGBTQ communities. Questions we will engage include: What can we learn from the challenges and successes of LGBTQ communities in Mexico’s capital as they work to mobilize and create change throughout the country? How does the contemporary landscape of migration affect identity issues in Mexico? How do LGBTQ rights intersect with other areas of human rights in the country such as environmental justice, women’s rights, access to education, etc.?

Curious about what it means to participate in one of the only LGBTQ focused study abroad programs at UW? Check out the Queer Study Abroad Resource (QSAR), created by alumni of this program:

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