University of Washington School of Public Health

Social Science Research Methods - BH 527, PHG 527


Introduces students to research methods in bioethics, ranging from qualitative to quantitative: interviews, focus groups, surveys, and experimental and observational designs. Students write research questions, match research methods to research questions, and conclude with a proposal that uses a social sciences empirical approach to address their research question.

Want to design a research project using social science empirical methods? Want to learn to craft proposals and grants for submission?

Students will:

  • Understand how social science empirical research contributes to and informs the exploration of ethically salient issues in health care and public health.
  • Learn assumptions, epistemologies, methods, tools, and products of ethics research using these approaches.
  • Identify conceptual models, research designs, and methods used in your own research project and justify why chosen tools are the most appropriate to address your research questions.

Course Information:

527         Social Science Research Methods (3 credits)         (SLN#10936)

Bowen  T  11:30-2:20 pm              SOCC 303; Email: for entry code

Department of Bioethics & Humanities

School of Medicine

University of Washington

Contact: 206.221.6548