University of Washington School of Public Health

Volunteer Call-Out: A Pipeline Project to increase Underrepresented Minority Groups in Healthcare


We are truly looking for some folks passionate about working with underrepresented minorities. 

We need 1-3 students who can attend 04/19/2018 event at Federal Way High School.

The first event in the series will be modeled as 'speed dating for healthcare careers'. 

Volunteers will be asked to give an informal 5-10 minute presentation at a booth (we encourage a visual aid or a trifold poster), a note card sized 'blurp' on educational pursuits, career path, and answers to common questions (i.e. 'What is your daily life like as a student? What does your future career look like? etc.).

 Transport to and from the event will be arranged.


Anthony Markuson, MS4




There are clear health disparities in underserved minority populations. Current representation of underrepresented minority (URM) groups in the healthcare profession is well under what is expected based on national demographics. It is essential that an attitude of respect, inclusivity and awareness of social justice in healthcare is cultivated early in all future healthcare professionals, including those who are not from URM backgrounds.

 Our mission:

Our awareness of and experiences with the aforementioned disparities is what drives our group to address the under-representation in healthcare professions. Our project will invite Federal Way High School students to register for this year-long series consisting of events to expose HS students to a plethora of health careers while establishing mentorships. The Family Medicine Interest Group at the University of Washington School of Medicine will serve as the central host, but we hope for a cohort consisting of many different health professions as health care takes a team