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Space available int JSIS 549


Professor Robert Pekkanen

Crisis Negotiation Simulation


There are still spaces available in JSIS 549, Crisis Negotiation, for spring. This is an amazing opportunity to gain real-world experience and work with U.S. diplomats, business executives, military leaders, and academic experts. This year’s topic is extremely timely and focuses on a North Korean nuclear crisis. Students will gain information on the region, insight into the issue, plus learn crisis management and negotiation skills.

JSIS 549 | Spring Quarter | Thursdays 3:30-6:20 | 4 credits All Day Simulation May 19 & 20 

he Scenario: The year is 2020. The People's Republic of China is hosting diplomatic delegations from North Korea, Japan, the Russian Federation, South Korea, and the United States to re-start Six Party Talks and bring an end to the diplomatic standoff over North Korea’s nuclear program. 

The Opportunity: Play the role of an Ambassador charged by your home government to negotiate a solution that will serve your national interests and bring peace and stability to the Korean Peninsula. Teams are paired with high-level mentors, giving students the opportunity to work closely with senior U.S. diplomats, business executives, military leaders, and UW faculty. The highlight of the class is a two-day simulation exercise (May 19 & 20). Leading up to the simulation, students receive background briefings on the Korean Peninsula, crisis leadership and decision-making, and negotiation tactics. 

The two-day simulation exercise will be hosted by the global strategy and consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton and will take place in their downtown Seattle office. Students describe the class as an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Don't miss out! 

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