University of Washington School of Public Health

Soc W 598A: Veterans and their Families


Soc W 598A: Veterans and their Families 

Instructors: Taylene Watson and Rocco Bagala

Saturdays 4/7, 4/28, 5/12, 6/2   


3 credits, SLN: 19520

Grad students can self-register 
Interested senior undergrads please submit a waitlist request so we can verify with the instructor


This courses focuses on specialized knowledge needed to practice with members of the military, Veterans and their families. The course will expand on the concept of contextual practice using this population as an example. Many students may not work directly with Veterans in the future the content in this course is applicable to contextual practice with all populations. The instructors take the stance that the military constitutes a distinct culture. Therefore, one overarching goal of this class is to develop cultural competency in working with this large and diverse population. We will explore contextual factors such as racism, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation and stigma. We will encourage self- reflection to gain an in-depth understanding of oppression, privilege, identity and of the clinician’s own values and beliefs. Ethical dilemmas will be discussed throughout particularly as they relate to social justice. While military trauma and treatment of trauma will be covered in this class, the course is not primarily about trauma.