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Soc W 598E: Social Work Praxis with Trans & Queer Communities


Soc W 598E: Social Work Praxis with Trans & Queer Communities

Instructor: Vern Harner

Thursdays, 2:30-5:20pm

3 credits, SLN: 19524

Grad students can self-register
Interested senior undergrads please submit a waitlist request so we can verify with the instructor


“Social Work Practice with Trans & Queer Communities" will provide students with advocacy and practice skills to better serve QT (queer/trans) clients and populations. Though the focus of the course will be on mezzo-macro level practice, micro practice skills will also be discussed. As this is not a survey course of QT terminology and culture, it is recommended students enter the course with some working knowledge base and/or lived experience -- additional optional readings and material will be provided each week for students wanting to increase their foundational knowledge. The goal of this course is to engage students in critical reflexivity while growing our capacity to meet the needs of QT communities.



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