University of Washington School of Public Health

SPH Undergraduate Symposium

The School of Public Health will hold the first annual Undergraduate Symposium on Thursday, May 22, 2014 from 4 6 pm in the UW South Campus Center.

The Undergraduate Symposium is a chance for students from across the School’s undergraduate majors and minors to demonstrate how they have applied the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to address public health problems through research, internship, and capstone experiences.  Students from the following programs will be presenting: The Public Health Major, the Environmental Health Major, the Health Informatics and Health Information Management Major, the Global Health Minor, and the Nutritional Sciences Minor.

The Symposium also provides a forum for current students, prospective students, faculty, and the community to discuss current topics in public health.

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting event, with opening remarks by Sara Mackenzie, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education.  The event will include poster presentations and a reception.

Please RSVP if you will attend the SPH Undergraduate Symposium. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Adrienne Ton, Public Health Major
"Heroin and Homelessness: Exploring Heroin Abuse and the Health Outcomes in U.S. Homeless Men"

Anna Russell, Public Health Major
"Construction and History of a Community-Based Twin Registry as an Epidemiologic Cohort"

Annika Van Gilder, Global Health Minor
"PIH | Engage: Advancing global health equity"

Caroline Heinen, Environmental Health Major
"In vitro Human Percutaneous Absorption of Benzo(a)pyrene from Soil

Dalila Zelkanovic, Environmental Health Major
"Monitoring Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Washington's water"

Denise Zhang, Public Health Major
"Exploring The Relationship Between Mental Health and Homelessness"

Ella Kuchmiy, Environmental Health Major
"The tetracycline resistant tet(39) Gene was Identified in Three New Genera of Bacteria Isolated in 1999 from Chilean Salmon Farm"

Eric Ofori, Public Health Major
"Follow the Money"

Hanna Dinh, Public Health Major
"Stigmatization on Homeless Youth Struggling with Alcoholism and Drug Addiction"

Isaiah Wales, Public Health Major
"The Chronicles of Cultural Health: A Comparative Analysis of Communities and Populations of Colo."

Jennifer Bethune, Public Health Major
"Research with American Indian and Alaska Native Nations: CBPR as an Ethical Framework for Studying Native Health Disparities Through the Lens of Historical Trauma"

Kilala Barnes, Environmental Health Minor
"Investigation of preservative agents to enhance Poliovirus survival on Virocap filter"

Kirsten Oldroyd, Public Health Major
"Pregnancy and Prenatal Outcomes Among Homeless Women"

Kyle Durrant, Public Health Major
""Fatty Liver Disease Increases Risk for Metabolic Syndrome In Smokers"

Lacey Schauberger, Public Health Major
"Poverty, Food Insecurity, and Poor Health: A Vicious Cycle for East African Refugees"

Leah Todd, Public Health Major, Nutritional Sciences Minor
"Food Security Among University of Washington Students"

Louise Downing, Tracey Edwards, Michaela Chiu,
Health Informatics and Health Information Management Majors
"Health Information Program Capstone: Analysis of Patient-Engagement Resources for the Washington Patient Safety Coalition"

Margaret Babayan, Public Health Major
"Seattle Human Rights Commission"

Margaret Critchlow, Public Health Major
"Influenza vaccination among children and adolescents: Examining this issue through the lens of service learning at Health Sciences and Human Services High School, Seattle, WA"

Mariah Oakes, Public Health Major
"Contribution of treatment-associated changes in HIV-2 reverse transcriptase to nucleoside analog sensitivity"

Marlena Norwood, Public Health Major
"A Public Health Approach to Parenting Interventions  Implementation Issues"

Mengqin Ouyang, Global Health Minor
"Global Health Undergraduate Leadership Committee (GHULC) 2013-2014 at University of Washington, Seattle"

Rachel Berger, Public Health Major
"Causes, Effects, Treatment and Prevention Methods for Women Experiencing Postpartum Incontinence: Obstetric Fistulae in Kenya and Pelvic Floor Weakening in the United States"

Saloni Parikh, Public Health Major
"The HOPE Study: Utilization of ODK Tables to Streamline Data Collection"

Sarah Kislak, Public Health Major
"Mental Health, Social Well-Being, and Happiness: How Positive Psychology Can Inform Public Health Metrics and Evaluation"

Sharon Pan, Public Health Major
"Unconscious Vulnerabilities: A Comparison of Gender Inequalities in Ghana and Brazil Through HIV/AIDS"

Cynthia Simekha, Public Health Major, Global Health Minor
"Global Health Betrayal? Reproduction of Unequal and Uncaring Exchanges"

Stephen Wabeti Nganga, Public Health Major
"Health Resource Fair- South King County"

Susan Glenn, Public Health Major
"Creating an 'Earthquake Culture': Learning from Christchurch"

Theresa Bordianu, Environmental Health Major
"Assessment of Parkinsonism in Agricultural Pesticide Handlers in Central Washington State"

Theresa Wang, Public Health Major
"Alleviating the Impact of Media on Eating Disorders in Adolescent Female"

Wafa Tafesh, Environmental Health Major
"Rain2River Program: A New Approach to Preventing Pollution on Seattle's Only River"

William Tsang, Public Health Major
"Viral Myths and Biopolitical Disruptions Amidst the Emergence of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome"