University of Washington School of Public Health

SPH Undergraduate Symposium

The School of Public Health will hold the third annual Undergraduate Symposium on Thursday, May 26, 2016
from 4 – 6 pm in the UW South Campus Center.

The Undergraduate Symposium is a chance for students from across the School’s undergraduate majors and minors to demonstrate how they have applied the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to address public health problems through research, internship, and capstone experiences.  Students from the following programs are invited to present:  The Public Health Major, the Environmental Health Major, the Health Informatics and Health Information Management Major, the Global Health Minor, and the Nutritional Sciences Minor.

The Symposium also provides a forum for current students, prospective students, faculty, and the community to discuss current topics in public health.

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting event which will include poster presentations and a reception.

Your RSVP is appreciated.

Poster Presenters

Brian Cedeno, Public Health Major, Global Health Minor
The Feasibility of Culturally Appropriate Screening and Brief Interventions among Latino Immigrant Day Laborers

Claire Chisholm, Environmental Health Major
Adaptive Regulation of Glutathionylation in Gclm Null Mice

Jessica Collins, Global Health Minor
Treatment Accessibility for Co-Infected IDUs in China: A Likelihood for HIV, an Improbability for Hepatitis C

Molly Dubow, Public Health Major, Nutritional Sciences Minor, with Cassi Flint, Jane Rose, Megan Swanson
HIV Epidemic in Atlanta Georgia: A Marketing Campaign to Combat the Unbridled Spread of HIV Among African American Women

Jordan Gemelas, Public Health Major, Environmental Health Minor, with James Gendreau, Dana Capulong, Clayton Lau
Improving Teledermatology Care for Rural Veterans

Delvene Gill, Public Health Major
Body Dissatisfaction Among University Women:The Role of Instagram and Appearance Comparisons

Joanna Harrison, Environmental Health Major
EPA 1623 Method for Field Capture of Cryptosporidium and Giardia Parasites using Bag-Mediated Filtration

Soo Bin Hwang, Nutritional Sciences Minor; Zengjing Liu, Public Health Major
Behavioral interventions in healthy lifestyle management

Ryan Kouchakji, Environmental Health Major
Environmental Health Policy and Practice: Disparities Within

Esther Lam, Public Health Major
A Comparative Analysis of Pro-Eating Disorder and Eating Disorder Recovery Displays on Instagram

Xiwen Liao, Public Health Major
Risk of distracted driving to pedestrians and bicyclists

Lauren Mittelman, Public Health Major, Global Health Minor
Reversible Tampon Packaging and the Removal of the Traditional Tampon Applicator: A Business Venture

Marlena Norwood, Public Health Major
Childhood cancer in relation to the presence of congenital malformations in Washington State

Victoria Orfaly, Public Health Major
Alternative Smoking Treatment Pathways Preferred by Homeless Smokers

Jeannette Paschen, Public Health Major
Assessment of Medication Non-Adherence in Homeless with Severe Mental Illness

Christine Perez Delgado, Public Health Major; Jane Pouzou, Environmental Health Major
Evaluation of Acetamiprid and Metabolites in Urine Samples Collected from Pesticide Handlers

Sonia Rao,Public Health Major
Implementation of Community Health Worker Programs in the United States

Bushra Raza, Public Health Major
Screening New Immigrants to the United States for Hepatitis B: To Reduce the Effects of High Rates of HBV in the Vietnamese Community

Tucker Richards, Minji Jung, Leigh Friedman, Public Health Majors
Bringing a Tent City to Campus

Rachel Rinehart, Public Health Major
Regional Epidemiology in Chile: The key to implementing an effective universal health care system

Dongwhoon James Choe, Christie Palacios, Caleigh McCabe, Vilia Wang, Public Health Majors
Diabetes in King County Youth

Lael Wentland, Global Health Minor, with Moritz Lange
Crime and violence prevention through youth programs at the Seattle Public Library, Rainier Beach branch

Maresa Woodfield, Public Health Major
Infection Control in Homeless Populations: A Critical Challenge for the People Living with HIV/AIDS

Maggie Yaddof, Environmental Health Major
Pathways and Prevention of Needle-borne Pathogens