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School of Public Health
School of Public Health

University of Washington School of Public Health

Undergraduate Public Health Major

Who We Are

Program Office

For all inquiries and general information about the Public Health Major call 206-221-4561, email, or visit Health Sciences F-332.

Tory Brundage Tory Brundage
Adviser & Student Outreach Coordinator

Health Sciences F-332A
Ardith Feroglia Ardith Feroglia
Academic Adviser

Health Sciences F-332B
Susan Inman Susan Inman
Program & Advising Manager

Health Sciences F-332C
Sara Mackenzie Sara Mackenzie
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education
Director, Public Health Major

Integrated Core, Foundation & Capstone Instructors

Faculty instructors, researchers and practitioners have specialized knowledge of the public health field.  The following instructors from across the School of Public Health teach the Integrated Core, Foundation, and Capstone courses in the Public Health Major. 

Michelle  Averill Michelle Averill
Integrated Core: SPH 381
Janet  Baseman Janet Baseman
Integrated Core: SPH 480
Jack Goldberg Jack Goldberg
Deb Hinchey Deb Hinchey
Capstone, Honors Seminar, Internship
James Hughes James Hughes
Tao  Sheng C. Kwan-Gett Tao Sheng C. Kwan-Gett
Integrated Core: SPH 380
Dara  Lehman Dara Lehman Integrated Core: SPH 381
Jaisri  Lingappa Jaisri Lingappa
Integrated Core: SPH 381
Sara Mackenzie Sara Mackenzie
Integrated Core: SPH 481
Lonnie  Nelson Lonnie Nelson
Integrated Core: SPH 480
Gretchen  Onstad Gretchen Onstad
Integrated Core: SPH 381
Suzinne  Pak-Gorstein Suzinne Pak-Gorstein
Integrated Core: SPH 380
Clarence Spigner Clarence Spigner
Capstone: SPH 493

Public Health Major Steering Committee

The Public Health Major Steering Committee (PHMSC) directs the vision and monitors all curricular matters related to the major.  From across the School of Public Health, current membership includes: