University of Washington School of Public Health

Public Health-Global Health Major

Public Health Internship

The Public Health Internship (SPH 495) is an opportunity for select Public Health-Global Health Majors to earn elective credit for an academic project constructed in conjunction with an internship. It is intended to provide students with an opportunity to:

  • Apply theoretical concepts of the classroom to the realities of the field
  • Enhance one's ability to communicate with, and work with, public health professionals
  • Identify a problem, gather data, and propose alternative solutions to the problem with an understanding of the health, economic, social, legal, and political implications of each alternative
  • Increase one's powers of observation and your ability to evaluate conditions and situations
  • Relate the role of public health programs, and to community values, demands and priorities

Students are responsible for securing an internship, an appropriate site supervisor, and to coordinate with the course coordinator in advance of the quarter for which they plan to earn credit.


  • You, the student: You are responsible for securing an internship, organizing a plan with the Course Coordinator, finding a Site Supervisor, and communicating the SPH 495 expectations to both parties. You are also responsible for completing your required internship hours, submitting an academic project that meets the Course Coordinator’s expectations, and maintaining correspondence with both the Course Coordinator and Site Supervisor.
  • Course Coordinator: The Course Coordinator should be willing and able to help you process your internship experience and shape your academic project. They will be reviewing your academic project and submitting your credit to Academic Records. It is your responsibility to schedule meetings with the Course Coordinator and ensure that you understand her expectations. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the Course Coordinator and Site Supervisor are in contact with each other.
  • Site Supervisor: Your Site Supervisor should be the person who directly oversees your work at your internship. You and your Site Supervisor should be making explicit arrangements concerning overall goals, projects, duties, hours, and other expectations. Your Site Supervisor will need to verify that you have completed your required hours by confirming this with the Course Coordinator.

How do I register?

The completed application and learning contracts must be completed and turned in to the Public Health-Global Health Major, Health Sciences F-332, for staff to register you.  Turning in SPH 495 paperwork after the 5th day of the quarter will result in a University-assigned fee of $25. The absolute deadline to submit your application and signed learning contract is the third week of every quarter.

Earning academic credit for an internship will not fit with all student course plans. There are also limitations to the number of internship credits that can be applied towards the Public Health - Global Health Major, so please consult with advisers first about next steps.

SPH 495 Application Package This package includes:

  • Course Syllabus and Expectations
  • Application
  • Learning Contract: Student & Site Supervisor
  • Learning Contract: Student & Course Coordinator
  • Site Supervisor Guidelines

Site Supervisors who are interested in recruiting a Public Health-Global Health Major for an internship may complete the online opportunity form and submit it for posting on the School of Public Health’s protected website.