University of Washington School of Public Health

Public Health-Global Health Major

Social & Behavioral Sciences Breadth

The Social & Behavioral sciences breadth requirement is intended to give students a basic foundation for identifying issues and problem solving through various socio-behavioral disciplines, encouraging thought about population health issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. As such, the courses do not need to have a clear or direct connection to health. These requirements may be satisfied by numerous courses, of which, we have suggested a few in each area below:

One 5-credit course from EACH department, at least 4 of the 5 must be 200-level or above.

  • Anthropology (ANTH only)
    • ANTH 150 Culture and Rights: Exploring the Meaning and Practice of Human Rights
    • ANTH 202 Principles of Sociocultural Anthropology
    • ANTH 204 Reading Ethnography
    • ANTH 207 Class and Culture in America
    • ANTH 209 Anthropology Through Visual Media
  • Geography
    • GEOG 123 Introduction to Globalization
    • GEOG 270 Geographies of International Development and Environmental Change
    • GEOG 271 Geography of Food and Eating
    • GEOG 280 Introduction to the Geography of Health and Healthcare
    • GEOG 315 Explanation and Understanding in Geography
  • Political Science
    • POL S 201 Introduction to Political Theory
    • POL S 202 Introduction to American Politics
    • POL S 203 Introduction to International Relations
    • POL S 204 Introduction to Comparative Politics
    • POL S 270 Introduction to Political Economy
  • Psychology
    • PSYCH 101 Introduction to Psychology
    • PSYCH 209 Fundamentals of Psychological Research
    • PSYCH 210 The Diversity of Human Sexuality
    • PSYCH 245 Introduction to Social Psychology
    • PSYCH 250 Racism and Minority Groups
  • Sociology
    • SOC 110 Survey of Sociology
    • SOC 266 Introduction to Labor Studies
    • SOC 271 Introduction to the Sociology of Deviance and Social Control
    • SOC 300 Foundations of Social Inquiry
    • SOC 316 Introduction to Sociological Theory

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