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University of Washington School of Public Health

UW Public Health Major Application - Transcripts FAQs

Who needs to upload and submit transcripts?
Students who have attended any other college or university besides the University of Washington must submit copies of transcripts. This includes Running Start students or those of you who already transferred any courses to the UW.  You do not need to submit copies of your University of Washington courses transcripts.

Are unofficial copies acceptable for the application?
Yes, unofficial, electronic copies are acceptable. You may submit the following file types: PDF, Word (.doc or .docx), or JPEG (.jpg).

I sent my transcripts to UW Admissions.  Didn’t you get them? 
The Public Health Major does not have access to materials that were submitted as part of a UW application, which is why we ask students to submit unofficial copies. 

What if I didn’t do so well at my other institution(s) and don’t want those grades used?
As part of the UW’s academic honesty policy, all transcripts must be submitted. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the university.

What if my transcripts are several years old?
Same as above. We want the full academic picture, even if your previous college career took place a while ago.

Where can I find my transcripts?
If you do not know how to obtain copies of your transcript, contact your previous institution(s). Generally, the registrar’s office can help with accessing your records, but be prepared to provide identifying information!

I went to a community college in Washington state. How do I know which classes transfer?
The UW Admissions Course Equivalency Guide can assist you in understanding how your community college class translates into UW coursework. Often, your community college advisors can also help interpret equivalencies if you have further questions.

My last school was on semesters. How does that count towards the 45-credit requirement?
College-level semester coursework will be evaluated at 1 semester credit hour = 1.5 quarter credit hours.

For questions about the Public Health Major Application, please contact