Office of Injury and Prevention Program Lead - Epidemiology & response division


CLOSING DATE: September 19, 2018


JOB #: 13000

POSTED: September 12, 2018


Purpose of Position

To serve as NM’s Public Health Injury Prevention Program Lead, providing leadership, management, and oversight for the Office of Injury Prevention. This is done in part by managing injury surveillance, by overseeing three epidemiologist positions and by providing for the development, maintenance, and enhancement and provision of injury-related data for reports, presentations, and collaborations to support efforts to reduce injury in NM.

How does it get done?

Position manages injury prevention functions by directly and indirectly managing about 10 injury prevention staff, who work to reduce the incidence and severity of the results of injury, including early childhood, sexual violence, older adult falls, suicide attempts, and other causes of injury. The position also maintains and seeks federal funding for injury prevention efforts, makes presentation, and collaborates with other state and local organizations.

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