CLOSING DATE: December 20, 2018


JOB #: 13313

POSTED: November 20, 2018


Provides program coordination and oversight for the Integrated Job Readiness Training for Immigrant/Refugee Youth & Families program. Will oversee the initial outreach to ELL youth in Seattle Public Schools, the organization and coordination with existing staff and services in the agency to carry out the job readiness training, a group project, work training and parent services, and will provide supervision to two MSW practicum students.




  • Creates calendar of Outreach, Job Readiness Training, Group Project, Parent Education Classes, Self Sufficiency Classes, and Work Training
  • Produce power point presentations of program opportunities to both staff and ELL students in English &
  • Provide supervision to two MSW practicum students.
  • Coordinate one-on-one interviews for parents of interested youth to provide detailed information about the program, securing 20
  • Develop promotional information and communicate with parents and youth in Spanish and English as
  • Organize volunteers to work with
  • Work directly with College Readiness Coach, Youth Case Manager and Financial Literacy Specialist to develop a concrete plan for the job readiness training, group project, youth case management, parent educational classes, self-sufficiency classes and work Including work training placements.
  • Support parental involvement, including organizing Educational Parent and Joint Self Sufficiency classes, ensuring attendance and overall educational goals are
  • Develop and provide workshop surveys of joint parents and
  • Coordinate childcare and meals as
  • Monitor individuals, partnerships, and program Including, tracking parent program results of referrals for service. List relevant agency partnering information, including the role of service.
  • Provide referrals to appropriate services of which family may be in need, for example, the Washington Connection service and legal assistance referrals as
  • Create and update accurate files and maintains complete client chart notes that will reflect the progress of
  • Assure that youth receive 12 hours of job readiness training, 88 hours of group project and a 60-hour work placement as outlined in the
  • Develop, organize and manage the group project, as well as, the end of the year project “celebration.”
  • Serve as an interpreter for non/limited English proficient
  • Create monthly, quarterly and annual reports, site visit preparation, and invoices associated with contractual
  • Attend staff meetings, case manager meetings & monthly general
  • Reports to the Human Services Director.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as




  • Must have a proven ability to work well under
  • Must be able to work with participants from a variety of ethnic and cultural
  • Understands and fulfills contractual
  • Must be able to maintain effective relationships with co-workers, participants, parents, community representatives, and the general
  • Must be able to work in a multi-cultural/multi-ethnic environment.
  • Presents a professional manner and

Essential minimum skills, education, and experience:


  • A. degree and five years of work experience.
  • Experience working in human services and experience working with youth.
  • Experience working with immigrant/refugee
  • Must be bilingual Spanish/English.
  • Must have a car and a valid Washington driver’s license and show evidence of
  • Must have excellent oral, written and organizational communication
  • Experience in presentations and facilitating youth and
  • Must be effective in conflict
  • Must have excellent computer skills, specifically in Excel & Power
  • Familiar with Outcome and Indicator
  • Must have good attention to


Additional Preferences and Responsibilities:


  • Master’s degree in social
How to Apply:



Please send resume to Shannon Armstrong at, or stop by El Centro de la Raza at 2524 16th Ave S, Seattle, WA  98144, to drop off a resume and pick up an application.  If you have questions, please call 206.957.4626.