Full Season Farm Interns - Undergraduates or Graduates - Plum Forest Farm

LOCATION: Vashon Island, WA (USA)

CLOSING DATE: February 5, 2021


JOB #: 16746

POSTED: January 5, 2021


Plum Forest Farm is seeking to hire three full season (late March through October) interns. Plum Forest Farm provides great food for our community. It is small, minimally mechanized and diverse. We raise certified organic vegetables, fruits and eggs as well as grass fed beef cattle and pastured roasting chickens. We sell most of our products at our vibrant farm stand and also at the Vashon Island Farmers Market. We make a good living on small acreage by managing it intensively.

We offer hands-on learning about small-scale farming that integrates crops and livestock growing high quality products for a local market. Also experience marketing through our on-farm farm stand. Participation with farmer and two other interns in all aspects of farm with lots of explanation. We also coordinate with other farms in our community to create shared learning experiences for interns as part of the CRAFT program.

Interns stay in their own sweet cabin on beautiful Vashon Island, and share a kitchen, composting toilet and solar shower with other interns. We pay a stipend of $600 per month per intern and interns receive ample produce from the farm. Vashon Island is in the Salish Sea, a bus ride from both Seattle and Tacoma, with beautiful coast line and forests, hiking trails, a vibrant arts and music community (at least for a community its size), and a half dozen other farms with interns.

We consider helping educate the next generation of farmers to be a part of our core mission and also rely on the help of interns and volunteers to make our farm business work.  We offer a rich opportunity to get hands-on experience along with plenty of explanation and discussion in all aspects of running a farm like ours--sowing, planting, soil preparation, crop rotation, greenhouse work, harvesting, animal care, farmers market, farm stand, organizing work, managing workers, etc. as well as just living on a farm, eating from a farm, etc.  We have hosted over 20 full time interns over the past twelve years and we can refer you to them if you are interested in hearing about their experiences first hand.

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If interested, contact us at plumforestfarm@gmail.com