L&I Industrial Hygienist 3 (In-training) - DOSH Compliance - Washington State Dept. of Labor and Industries


CLOSING DATE: May 26, 2022


JOB #: 18690

POSTED: May 5, 2022


Please Note: 
This position can be filled as an Industrial Hygienist 3 (IH3) or as an in-training (IH2) opportunity to develop the required skills within this specialized field. If filled as an Industrial Hygienist 3 in-training (IH2), you will need to successfully complete a formal training plan. The plan is designed to provide classroom and on the job training to encourage qualified and enthusiastic individuals to exert their best effort to learn and enhance their skills. Upon successful competition of the in-training plan, you will progressively advance to the goal of Industrial Hygienist 3.
Are you ready for new and exciting challenges? We are in need of an Industrial Hygienist to join our Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), in the Tacoma office. In this role, you will focus on enforcing health standards by addressing existing and potential occupational hazards that can cause serious illness and disease while maintaining composure and sensitivity during difficult conversations with employers and employees. You will be relied upon for your ability to assess exposure to noise, chemicals, blood borne pathogens, and other physical and biological agents. Your skills will also be essential in evaluating ventilation, confined spaces, personal protective equipment, and written health and safety programs.

You will perform routine and complex workplace inspections and investigations for all types of occupational health hazards. Inspections are conducted in all industries where DOSH has jurisdiction to determine compliance with DOSH worker safety and health standards to prevent occupational illness and disease. You will conduct accident investigations of fatalities, catastrophes, serious injuries, and determines direct and indirect causes of the accidents. You will also investigate employee complaints and general referrals. As an Industrial Hygienist 3 you will lead complex inspections involving other safety inspectors and industrial hygienists and assist in training new inspectors providing technical assistance in abatement of hazards. 


Some of what you’ll do:

  • Perform complex inspections and investigations in most industries to determine compliance with WISHA workplace health standards.
  • Identify, evaluate and recommend abatement methods for occupational health hazards.
  • Conduct accident investigations of fatalities, catastrophes and serious injuries to determine causes.
  • Use industrial hygiene sampling equipment and techniques to collect air and bulk samples of dusts, mists, fumes, gases, vapors and other hazardous materials.
  • Measure airborne chemical exposures; measure noise frequency and intensity, airflows, temperatures and humidity.
  • Conduct pre- and post-inspection calibrations.
  • Perform opening conferences with employer and employee representatives. Conduct walk around assessments of work sites, take field notes, photos and video, and make observations.
  • Conduct interviews; review safety data sheets, written safety programs, reports, and records provided by employer and employee representatives.
  • Organize, write and edit comprehensive investigative reports; prepare reports and summaries.
  • Prepare and input documentation data, citations wording, penalties, and/or recommendations.
  • Appear and testify as a State witness at re-assumption hearings, before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals, and civil cases.
  • Answer questions from the public regarding health hazards and applicable standards on the phone and in person.
  • And much more!




  • Must possess a valid unrestricted driver license and may not have convictions for driving under the influence or driving offenses that endangered or harmed others within the past 7 years.

Industrial Hygienist 3 In-training (IH2)

  • A Bachelor’s degree in occupational safety and/or health, industrial hygiene, chemistry, physics, chemical, mechanical or sanitary engineering, environmental science, nursing, medicine, biology or related field


  • ONE year of experience as an industrial hygienist, safety and health manager, safety and health consultant, or as a chemist or engineer working on environmental health or air sanitation problems. A Master’s degree involving major study in industrial hygiene will substitute for 1 year of experience.

Industrial Hygienist 3

  • A Bachelor’s degree in occupational safety and/or health, industrial hygiene, chemistry, physics, chemical, mechanical or sanitary engineering, environmental science, nursing, medicine, biology or related field


  • Three years of experience as an industrial hygienist. (Industrial Hygiene experience must include the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and management of occupational health hazards such as chemical, physical and biological}.

*Please Note: A Master’s degree involving major study in industrial hygiene will substitute for 1 year of industrial hygiene experience.

  • Bilingual preferred; persons of all languages are encouraged to apply. *Bilingual jobs include a 5% salary increase for dual language responsibilities.

What we’re looking for:

  • Skills in recognition, evaluation and control of occupational health hazards.
  • Skills in sampling and direct measuring techniques for noise and chemical exposure.
  • Strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Willing and able to work with hostile clients or customers (both internal and external).
  • Research and analytical skills; identify, collect, organize and document information and data.
  • Ability to use a personal computer; produce accurate work products, access information and navigate the Internet.
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) from the American Board of Industrial Hygiene is desirable.
  • Valid Driver License.
  • Enforcing Laws, Rules and Regulations--Enforces governmental laws, rules and regulations, and initiates enforcement actions in such a way that the public perceives as fair, objective and reasonable.
How to Apply:

Apply Online!

Please include the following documents with your application:

  1. A letter of interest describing specific qualifications.
  2. A current resume detailing applicable experience and education.
  3. A list of at least three professional references with current telephone numbers. 

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