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Health Services: Regular Faculty
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Abernethy, Neil Associate Professor
PhD (Stanford University)
Public Health Informatics standards, epidemic models, and molecular epidemiology in the context of global health; scientific and social networks as they pertain to collaborative research; novel 3-D imaging displays; Environmental interventions for infectious disease; high-throughput biology; evolutionary game theory.

Allan, Susan Associate Professor Emeritus
MD (Harvard Medical School), JD (Harvard University)
Public health practice; emergency preparedness; public health law

Baquero, Barbara Associate Professor

Basu, Anirban Professor
PhD (University of Chicago), MS (University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)), MS (University of Toledo)
Health econometrics; cost-effectiveness; comparative effectiveness and value of information analyses; quality of life; spill-over effects; substantive focus on cancer, mental health and diabetes

Bell, Michelle Associate Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Washington), MSW (University of Washington)
Health and social policy; Organization and delivery of community-based services; Adolescent health; Minority health.

Bezruchka, Stephen Senior Lecturer
MD (Stanford University), MPH (Johns Hopkins University)
Factors affecting health of populations

Cave, Sarah Senior Lecturer
MHA (University of Washington)

Chan, Gary Associate Professor
PhD (Johns Hopkins University)
Survival analysis and stochastic processes; epidemiological design and analysis; missing data and causal inference; nonlinear mixed models and predictions; semiparametric models

Chapko, Michael Research Professor Emeritus
PhD (City University of New York)
Ambulatory care; long-term care; cost-effectiveness

Chi, Donald Associate Professor
PhD (University of Iowa), DDS (University of Washington)

Condon, James Senior Lecturer
EdD (Georgia Southern University), MS (Central Michigan University)

Connell, Frederick Professor Emeritus
MD (New York University), MPH (University of Washington)
Pediatrics health services and epidemiological research; health outcomes; medicaid; access to care.

Conrad, Douglas Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Chicago), MBA (University of Chicago), MHA (University of Washington)
Vertical integration in health services; integrated health systems; impact of financial incentives on physician behavior

Cunha-Cruz, Joana Research Associate Professor

Diehr, Paula Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of California Los Angeles), MS (University of California Los Angeles)
Applications of statistics to health services research and longitudinal data for older adults.

Dowling, William Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Michigan), MA (University of Michigan), MBA (University of Chicago)
The relationships between the changing environment of health care, the strategic and structural responses of health care organizations, their management, and their performance; management practice in health care organizations; physicians in management and leadership roles; the medical home model of primary care; rural health care

Dugan, Jerome Assistant Professor

Edwards, Todd Associate Professor
PhD (Claremont Graduate University), MA (Claremont Graduate University)
Development and validation of patient-reported measures of symptoms, function, and quality of life; integration of patient-reported measures into clinical practice, decision making, and assessment of treatment outcomes

Fihn, Stephan Professor
MD (St Louis University), MPH (University of Washington)
Quality of care particularly in the outpatient setting and in health measurement; clinical topics including heart disease, COPD, UTI, anticoagulation

Fishman, Paul Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MA (American University), MA (University of Washington)

Ganti, Anjulie Senior Lecturer

Garrison, Michelle Research Associate Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)
Child and adolescent sleep problems; interactions between media use, physical activity, and sleep, and the impact on health and behavior; development and testing of health behavior change interventions; pediatric inpatient quality of care and quality improvement research

Gloyd, Stephen Professor
MD (University of Chicago), MPH (Harvard University)
Health systems research, implementation science, political economy of global health

Gray, Kristen Research Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MS (University of Washington)

Grembowski, David Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MA (Washington State University)
Design and performance of health care systems; prevention; technology diffusion; program evaluation; survey research

Grossman, David Professor
MD (University of California Los Angeles), MPH (University of Washington)
Injury control; suicide prevention; firearm injury prevention; quality improvement

Hagopian, Amy Associate Professor
MHA (University of Washington), PhD (University of Washington)
International health workforce issues, the effects of war on global health

Halperin, Abigail Senior Lecturer
MD (Albert Einstein College of Medicine), MPH (University of Washington)
Reduction of tobacco use and related illnesses through education, advocacy, policy change, implementation of clinical practice guidelines, and community-based interventions; clinical interventions for treatment of tobacco dependence and alcohol-related risk reduction among college students

Hanken, Mary Senior Lecturer Emeritus
PhD (University of Washington), MEd (Seattle University), BS (Seattle University)
Health information management; privacy and confidentiality of health information

Hannon, Peggy Professor
PhD (University of North Carolina), MPH (University of North Carolina)
Cancer prevention and control; chronic disease prevention; dissemination and implementation research; health promotion; workplace health promotion

Harris, Jeffrey Professor and Chair
MD (University of Texas (Southwestern)), MPH (Johns Hopkins University)
Adult immunization; cancer screening; chronic disease; community-based prevention; health equity; health promotion; implementation science; older adults; physical activity; tobacco; workplace health

Hebert, Paul Research Associate Professor
PhD (University of Minnesota)
Chronic disease with elderly and minority populations; disease management; social determinants of health disparities

Hedrick, Susan Professor Emeritus
PhD (Michigan State University), MA (Michigan State University)
Long-term care

Helfrich, Christian Research Associate Professor
BA (Gonzaga University), MPH (University of Washington), PhD (University of North Carolina)
Dissemination and implementation research; implementation science; organizational change; change management; de-implementation of ineffective and harmful practice

House, Peter Senior Lecturer Emeritus
MHA (University of Michigan)
Community development; strategic planning; rural health

Huebner, Colleen Professor Emeritus

Jarvik, Jeffrey Professor
MD (University of California (San Diego)), MPH (University of Washington)

Johnson, Donna Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Washington), MS (Syracuse University)
Pediatric nutrition; efficacy of public health nutrition interventions; public health approaches to obesity

Jones-Smith, Jessica Associate Professor
PhD (University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)), MPH (University of California (Berkeley))

Kaelin, Carrie Senior Lecturer

Katon, Jodie Research Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MS (University of California (Los Angeles))

Katz, Aaron Principal Lecturer
CPH (University of Toronto (Canada))
Health policy; health sector leadership; social/political determinants; health system market change; health care costs and access, health sector education and training

Kessler, Larry Professor
ScD (Johns Hopkins University)
Cost-effectiveness and diagnostic value of medical technology in screening for cancer and other diseases

Knerr, Sarah Acting Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)

Ko, Linda Associate Professor
PhD (University of North Carolina), MPH (Boston University), MS (University of Texas)
Health communication interventions using new media; decision making in cancer screening; mediators and moderators of behavior change; cancer prevention and control; obesity prevention; health literacy and health disparity; aging and social support

Koepsell, Thomas Professor Emeritus
MD (Harvard Medical School), MPH (University of Washington)
Epidemiologic methods, Injury epidemiology, neuroepidemiology, veterans health, application of epidemiology to evaluation of health services

Kopjar, Branko Associate Professor
MD (University of Zagreb (Yugoslavia)), PhD (University of Oslo (Norway)), MS (University of Zagreb (Yugoslavia))
Prevention effectiveness; outcomes research; comparative effectiveness; neurosurgery; orthopedics, biostatistics; quality of care; clinical trials

Krishnaswamy, A. Gita Senior Lecturer
MPH (University of Washington), MEd (DePaul University)

Kwan-Gett, Tao Sheng Senior Lecturer
MPH (University of Washington), MD (Harvard University)

Liu, Chuan-Fen Research Professor
PhD (University of Minnesota), MPH (National Taiwan University)
Health economics; mental health; risk adjustment; outcomes research.

Mackenzie, Sara Senior Lecturer
MPH (University of Washington), MD (University of California (Davis))

Martin, Diane Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Washington), MA (Temple University)
Health insurance and delivery systems; changing behavior of patients and providers to improve quality of care and outcomes

Maynard, Charles Research Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Washington), MA (Washington State University), MSW (University of Washington)
Cardiovascular disease; administrative databases

Meischke, Hendrika Professor
PhD (Michigan State University), MPH (University of Michigan)
Health communication; health promotion; theory development

O'Brien, Kurt Senior Lecturer
MHROD (University of San Francisco)

Oberle, Mark Professor Emeritus
MD (Johns Hopkins University), MPH (University of California (Berkeley))
Epidemiology; Informatics

Oddo, Vanessa Acting Assistant Professor

Ornelas, India Associate Professor
PhD (University of North Carolina), MPH (University of Washington)
Racial and ethnic health disparities; social determinants of health; Latino and immigrant populations; theory-based interventions; cancer prevention and control; community-based participatory research

Patrick, Donald Professor
PhD (Columbia University), MSPH (Columbia University)
Outcomes in health policy and treatment effectiveness; improving end-of-life care; health behavior and health promotion; disability policy; community intervention; resource allocation

Perrin, Edward Professor Emeritus
PhD (Stanford University), MA (Columbia University)
Outcomes research, Health promotion, Program evaluation

Peterson, Kathleen Senior Lecturer
MS (Central Michigan University)
Health informatics; health information management

Petrescu-Prahova, Miruna Senior Lecturer
PhD (University of California (Irvine)), MA (University of Bucharest)
Healthy aging; social network analysis; social determinants of health; dissemination and implementation science; chronic disease prevention and control

Ramirez, Magaly Assistant Professor

Reiber, Gayle Professor Emeritus

Richardson, Mary Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Washington), MHA (University of Washington)

Ross, Austin Professor Emeritus
MPH (University of California (Berkeley))

Sappington, Jeremy Senior Lecturer Emeritus
MSPH (University of North Carolina)

Sconyers, Jeff Senior Lecturer
JD (Yale University)

Sears, Jeanne Research Associate Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MS (University of California (San Francisco)), BA (University of California (Santa Cruz))

Spice, Carolin Senior Lecturer

Spigner, Clarence Professor
MPH (University of California (Berkeley))
Tobacco-related behavior; racism as a stressor; social construction of 'race' vis-a-vis biological reductionism in health research and behavior; knowledge and opinions about organ donation among ethnic groups; program evaluation; popular culture

Stillman, Dennis Senior Lecturer
MHA (University of Washington)
Health care financing; project management

Sullivan, Sean Professor
PhD (University of California (Berkeley)), MS (University of Texas (Austin))
Technology assessment; medical decision making; economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals, particularly in the areas of respiratory disorders, organ transplantation, HIV/AIDS, mental health and clinical decision making

Taylor, Victoria Research Professor Emeritus
MPH (University of Washington)
Special populations; health disparities; cancer control; secondary prevention

Thompson, Beti Professor Emeritus
PhD (Western Michigan University), MA (Western Michigan University)
Community-based research; dietary change; cancer prevention; health disparities

Thompson, Jack Principal Lecturer Emeritus
MSW (University of Washington)
Public health organization and financing; workforce development; integration of health and health care services

Turner, Anne Professor
MD (Brown University), MLIS (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)
Public health workforce information workflow; public health digital libraries; natural language processing to access to public health gray literature

Urban, Nicole Research Professor Emeritus
MS (Harvard University)
Breast/ovarian cancer screening; cost-effectiveness analysis

Wagner, Edward Professor Emeritus
MD (State University of New York (Buffalo)), MPH (University of North Carolina)
Health services research; Health promotion and disease prevention

Walker, Edward Professor Emeritus
MHA (University of Washington), MD (University of Washington), MM (Catholic University of America)
Integration of mental health into primary and specialty care medical settings

Weiner, Bryan Professor
PhD (University of Michigan), MA (University of Michigan)

Welton, William Principal Lecturer Emeritus
DrPH (University of Michigan), MHA (University of Michigan)
Organization of health care markets and relationship to overall per capita costs

Williams, Emily Associate Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (Boston University)
Implementing evidence-based management of unhealthy alcohol use in medical settings; decision-making in health and health care (patient, provider, and system-level decision making); stigmatized chronic conditions (e.g., unhealthy alcohol use, HIV); social and cultural determinants of health and healthcare

Wong, Edwin Research Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MA (University of Washington)

Wood, Suzanne Assistant Professor
PhD (Old Dominion University), MS (Old Dominion University)

Zeliadt, Steven Research Associate Professor
PhD (University of Washington), MPH (University of Washington)
Decision-making and quality of life in prostate cancer treatment; cancer screening; costs of health care interventions; evaluation of informed decision making strategies; comparative effectiveness using large databases; quality of life assessment among cancer survivors; decision modeling; assessment of health care costs

Health Services: Adjunct Faculty
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Ahrens, Kym, Adjunct Associate Professor
Aisenberg, Gino, Adjunct Associate Professor
Amtmann, Dagmar, Adjunct Research Professor
Avolio, Bruce, Adjunct Professor
Baldwin, Laura-Mae, Adjunct Professor
Barrington, Wendy, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Baseman, Janet, Adjunct Professor and Acting Associate Dean
Bekemeier, Betty, Adjunct Professor
Belza, Basia, Adjunct Professor
Beresford, Shirley A. A., Adjunct Professor and Senior Associate Dean
Bowen, Deborah, Adjunct Professor
Bresnahan, Brian, Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Callegari, Lisa, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Christakis, Dimitri, Adjunct Professor
Crane, Heidi, Adjunct Professor
Crane, Paul, Adjunct Professor
Curtis, J. Randall, Adjunct Professor
Davidson, Giana, Adjunct Associate Professor
Denno, Donna, Adjunct Professor
Devine, Beth, Adjunct Professor
Diekema, Douglas, Adjunct Professor
Doll, Kemi, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Downer, Ann, Adjunct Professor
Duran, Bonnie, Adjunct Professor
Durvasula, Raghu, Adjunct Associate Professor
Ebel, Beth, Adjunct Professor
Enquobahrie, Daniel, Adjunct Associate Professor
Errett, Nicole, Adjunct Lecturer
Evans, Yolanda, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Fan, Vincent, Adjunct Associate Professor
Flum, David, Adjunct Professor
Forehand, Mark, Adjunct Professor
Fortney, John, Adjunct Professor
Franklin, Gary, Adjunct Research Professor
Frogner, Bianca, Adjunct Associate Professor
Gakidou, Emmanuela, Adjunct Professor
Grow, H. Mollie , Adjunct Associate Professor
Hansen, Ryan, Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
Hawes, Stephen , Adjunct Professor
Hazlet, Thomas, Adjunct Associate Professor
Hoeft, Theresa, Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
Hoerster, Katherine, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Inadomi, John , Adjunct Professor
Johnston, Brian, Adjunct Professor
Klein, Eileen, Adjunct Professor
Ko, Cynthia, Adjunct Associate Professor
Kroshus, Emily, Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
Kuszler, Patricia, Adjunct Professor
Laing, Sharon, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Lavallee, Danielle, Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Lee, Christoph, Adjunct Professor
Lehavot, Keren, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Liao, Josh, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Lim, Stephen, Adjunct Professor
Lober, William, Adjunct Professor
Lozano, Rafael, Adjunct Professor
Lyman, Gary, Adjunct Professor
Mangione-Smith, Rita, Adjunct Professor
Mastroianni, Anna, Adjunct Professor
Masuda, David, Adjunct Lecturer
Mayer, Jonathan, Adjunct Professor
Melzer, Sanford, Adjunct Professor
Mendoza, Jason, Adjunct Associate Professor
Mokdad, Ali, Adjunct Professor
Morales, Leo, Adjunct Professor
Murray, Christopher, Adjunct Professor
Nelson, Karin, Adjunct Professor
Otten, Jennifer, Adjunct Associate Professor
Payne, Thomas, Adjunct Professor
Pearlman, Robert, Adjunct Professor
Pfeiffer, James, Adjunct Professor
Phelan, Elizabeth, Adjunct Associate Professor
Prager, Sarah, Adjunct Professor
Psaty, Bruce, Adjunct Professor
Ramsey, Scott, Adjunct Professor
Reyes, David, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Richardson, Laura, Adjunct Professor
Rivara, JMay, Adjunct Lecturer
Rundell, Sean, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Saelens, Brian, Adjunct Professor
Sanford, Sallie, Adjunct Associate Professor
Starks, Helene, Adjunct Associate Professor
Stergachis, Andy, Adjunct Professor
Stout, James, Adjunct Professor
Teno, Joan, Adjunct Professor
Unutzer, Jurgen, Adjunct Professor
Weaver, Marcia, Adjunct Research Professor
Young Mielcarek, Bessie, Adjunct Professor
Zhou, Chuan, Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Zierler, Brenda, Adjunct Professor

Health Services: Affiliate & Clinical Faculty
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Ali, Mohamed, Clinical Instructor
Altamore, Rita, Clinical Professor
Andersen, M. Robyn, Affiliate Professor
Anderson, Gloria, Clinical Instructor
Aragon, Juan, Clinical Instructor
Atkinson, Ben, Clinical Instructor
Austin, Geoff, Clinical Instructor
Baesler, Wendy, Clinical Assistant Professor
Bagheri Garakani, Omid, Clinical Instructor
Bancroft, Emily, Clinical Instructor
Banta-Green, Caleb, Affiliate Associate Professor
Barale, Karen, Clinical Associate Professor
Barker, Kathy, Clinical Assistant Professor
Bell, Janice, Affiliate Associate Professor
Bell, Katie, Clinical Assistant Professor
Bennett, Tizzy, Clinical Instructor
Beyer, Jane, Clinical Instructor
Birkett Rakow, Diana, Clinical Instructor
Bissey, Jeffrey, Clinical Assistant Professor
Bogan, Sharon, Affiliate Instructor
Booshehri, Layla, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Bostock, Tara, Clinical Instructor
Bradley, Katharine, Affiliate Professor
Browning, Peter, Clinical Instructor
Brunskill, Andrew, Clinical Assistant Professor
Buckland, Helen Teresa, Clinical Assistant Professor
Buist, Diana, Affiliate Professor
Burbank, John, Clinical Instructor
Busch Isaksen, Tania, Clinical Assistant Professor
Campbell, Nancy, Clinical Assistant Professor
Carlini, Beatriz, Affiliate Associate Professor
Casey, Colleen, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ceballos, Rachel, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Chan, Domin, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Chaudhari, Van, Clinical Assistant Professor
Chayet, Elise, Clinical Instructor
Cheadle, Allen, Affiliate Professor
Chen, Anthony, Clinical Associate Professor
Chen, Roxana, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Coe, Norma, Affiliate Associate Professor
Colley, Jean, Clinical Instructor
Collins, Francesca, Clinical Instructor
Court, Beverly, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Cox, David, Clinical Instructor
Cranney, Michelle, Clinical Instructor
Dale, Christopher, Clinical Assistant Professor
Daniel-Ulloa, Jason, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dascher, Paula, Clinical Instructor
Davidson, Kyle, Clinical Instructor
Davies, Katherine, Clinical Associate Professor
Davis, Cheryl, Clinical Instructor
Deckert, Alysun, Clinical Instructor
Deyo, Richard, Affiliate Professor
Dilley, Julia, Affiliate Instructor
Dimaano, Christian, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dorsch, Anthony, Clinical Instructor
Edwards, Melissa, Clinical Instructor
Ellings, Amy, Clinical Instructor
Eloranta, Sharon, Clinical Assistant Professor
Eng, Thomas, Clinical Assistant Professor
Etzioni, Ruth, Affiliate Professor
Farquhar, Stephanie, Affiliate Professor
Fink, Kenneth, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Finkbonner, Joe, Clinical Assistant Professor
Finnegan, Brad, Clinical Instructor
Firth, Molly, Clinical Instructor
Fitch, Patricia, Clinical Instructor
Flake, Marie, Clinical Instructor
Fliss, Mary, Clinical Instructor
Foglia, Mary Beth, Clinical Instructor
Forand, Kathryne, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Fort, Meredith, Affiliate Instructor
Fox, Erika, Clinical Instructor
Futrell, Marvin, Clinical Instructor
Gardner, Maria Victoria, Clinical Assistant Professor
George, Stephen, Clinical Assistant Professor
Gilmore, Kelly, Clinical Instructor
Glass, Joseph, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Gleason, Carolyn, Clinical Instructor
Goldberg, Gary, Clinical Instructor
Gomez, Anthony, Clinical Instructor
Gould, Linn, Clinical Instructor
Green-Shook, Sheila, Clinical Instructor
Greenawalt, Leo, Clinical Associate Professor
Greenwald, Howard, Clinical Professor
Greto, Lindsey, Clinical Instructor
Groat, Natalia, Clinical Instructor
Haas, Phillip, Clinical Associate Professor
Hagedorn, Jennifer, Clinical Instructor
Hanson, Beate, Clinical Assistant Professor
Hart, Ariel, Clinical Instructor
Hartfield, Karen, Clinical Assistant Professor
Hartgraves, John, Clinical Instructor
Hatzenbeler, Samantha, Clinical Instructor
Heim, Joseph, Clinical Instructor
Helbig, Susan, Affiliate Instructor
Hennessey, Seth, Clinical Instructor
Henrikson, Nora, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Henry, Jsani, Affiliate Instructor
Hereford, James, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Hernandez, Susan, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Horwitch, Carrie, Clinical Associate Professor
Hsu, Clarissa, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Hurley, Christine, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ickes, Scott, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Jackson, Joyce, Clinical Associate Professor
James, Frank, Clinical Assistant Professor
Johnson, Christopher, Affiliate Associate Professor
Johnson, Wendy, Clinical Assistant Professor
Kanter, Evan, Clinical Assistant Professor
Kaplan, Gary, Clinical Professor
Karasz, Hilary, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Karter, Andrew , Affiliate Professor
Kennedy-Dean, Teresea, Clinical Instructor
Kern, Eli, Clinical Instructor
Koelemay, Kathryn, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Krieger, James, Clinical Professor
Lacet, Blishda, Clinical Instructor
Lapham, Gwen, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Larson, Eric, Clinical Professor
Lehman, Jeffrey, Clinical Associate Professor
LeRouge, Cynthia, Affiliate Associate Professor
Lessler, Daniel, Clinical Professor
Li-Vollmer, Meredith, Clinical Assistant Professor
Libbey, Patrick, Clinical Instructor
Liljenquist, Kendra, Clinical Assistant Professor
Lind, Bonnie, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Locke, Thomas, Clinical Assistant Professor
Loehr, Michael, Clinical Instructor
Lofy, Kathryn, Clinical Professor
Lowy, Elliott, Clinical Assistant Professor
MacDougall, Erin, Affiliate Instructor
Malte, Robert, Clinical Associate Professor
Mazon, Mari, Clinical Instructor
McAfee, Timothy, Affiliate Assistant Professor
McBride, Susan, Clinical Instructor
McClure, Jennifer, Affiliate Professor
McCullough, Brendan, Affiliate Assistant Professor
McGregor, Bonnie, Affiliate Associate Professor
McKenna, Margaret, Clinical Associate Professor
McWhinnie, Thomas, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mendelsohn, Joanna, Clinical Instructor
Mendelson, Martin, Clinical Professor
Merlino, Daniel, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mohedano, Ada, Clinical Instructor
Nelson, Lonnie, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Nicola, Ray, Affiliate Professor
Niessen, Brett, Affiliate Instructor
Nordlund, Megan, Clinical Instructor
Norouzi, Roxana, Clinical Instructor
Nunn, Sandra, Clinical Instructor
O'Carroll, Patrick, Affiliate Professor
Olson, Jodi, Affiliate Instructor
Otero, Henry, Clinical Assistant Professor
Painter, Ian, Clinical Assistant Professor
Pallickaparambil, Aley, Clinical Instructor
Parchman, Michael, Affiliate Professor
Patel, Neha, Clinical Assistant Professor
Patel, Resham, Clinical Instructor
Patterson, Sarah, Clinical Instructor
Peckham, Trevor, Clinical Instructor
Pel, Dydalinn, Clinical Instructor
Penfold, Robert, Affiliate Associate Professor
Peplow, Daniel, Clinical Professor
Peters, Riley, Clinical Associate Professor
Phare, Annie, Affiliate Instructor
Plough, Alonzo, Clinical Professor
Podrabsky, Mary, Clinical Instructor
Pointer, Dennis, Clinical Professor
Pollet, Gerald, Clinical Instructor
Ponce-Gonzalez, Ileana, Clinical Assistant Professor
Provence, Marc, Clinical Associate Professor
Pullar, Barbara, Clinical Instructor
Pyper, Barbara, Clinical Instructor
Ralston, James, Affiliate Professor
Randall, Ian, Clinical Assistant Professor
Rasmussen, Eric, Affiliate Associate Professor
Reder, Sheri, Clinical Instructor
Reid, Jim, Clinical Instructor
Reid, Robert, Affiliate Associate Professor
Revere, Debra, Clinical Assistant Professor
Rona, John Michael, Clinical Associate Professor
Rosenberg, Dori, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Ross-Viles, Sarah, Clinical Instructor
Sadow-Hasenberg, Nicole, Affiliate Instructor
Sarju, Michelle, Clinical Instructor
Sayre, George, Clinical Assistant Professor
Schauer, Gillian, Clinical Instructor
Schoenthaler, Celeste, Clinical Instructor
Scott, Cheryl, Clinical Professor
Seelig, Michelle, Clinical Assistant Professor
Selecky, Mary, Clinical Professor
Senturia, Kirsten, Clinical Assistant Professor
Sethi, Rajiv, Clinical Professor
Sharkey, Joseph, Affiliate Professor
Shawcroft, Helen, Clinical Assistant Professor
Shea, Connor , Clinical Instructor
Shelton, Marilyn, Clinical Instructor
Shimkin, Genya, Clinical Instructor
Simmons, Preston, Clinical Professor
Simon, Judy, Clinical Instructor
Skow, Lisa, Clinical Assistant Professor
Sloma, Don, Clinical Instructor
Souter, Vivienne, Clinical Assistant Professor
Stanfill, Michael, Clinical Assistant Professor
Starr, Peggy, Clinical Instructor
Stern, Marc, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Stover, Bert, Clinical Assistant Professor
Taber, Daniel, Clinical Assistant Professor
Teeter, Dorothy, Clinical Assistant Professor
Tiscornia, John, Clinical Professor
Trimarco, James, Clinical Instructor
Tu, Shin-Ping, Affiliate Associate Professor
Unger, Joseph, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Valenzuela, Matias, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Van De Plasch, Richard, Clinical Instructor
Veele, Sarah, Clinical Assistant Professor
Vega, Fernando, Clinical Assistant Professor
Vinh, Diana, Affiliate Instructor
Washington, Dustin, Clinical Instructor
Watkins, Marilyn, Clinical Assistant Professor
Wernli, Karen, Affiliate Associate Professor
West, Edward, Clinical Assistant Professor
White, Kenneth, Clinical Assistant Professor
Wiesman, John, Clinical Professor
Wilhelm, Sarah, Clinical Instructor
Wortman Morris, Rachel, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ybarra, Vickie, Clinical Instructor
Yip, Mei-Po, Clinical Instructor
Yu, Diana, Clinical Assistant Professor
Zhou, Qiang, Clinical Professor