SPH Campaign for Students

SPH Campaign for Students - The stakes are high. The time to invest in public health education is now. Our future depends on it.



Our ability to meet the public health challenges of the future is critically dependent on our ability to recruit and support students who share the lived experiences of the communities that we serve. This support not only makes the difference between whether students can afford our programs, it also gives them the flexibility to work on complex, interdisciplinary research problems and provides the freedom from financial burden to pursue their passions.

We need your help creating a future that is centered on equity. We hope that you will join us as a donor to the SPH Campaign for Students.

Fellowship fund
School of Public Health Endowed Fellowship

Gifts to this fund provide assistance to graduate students in the School of Public Health. No one should be priced out of an education or a career in public health.

Undergraduate students
School of Public Health Undergraduate Student Assistance Fund

Gifts to this fund provide assistance to undergraduate students in the School of Public Health including tuition, research fees and travel. 

Health Sciences Education Building
Health Sciences Education Building

Gifts to this fund will support the construction of a new state-of-the-art educational facility which will serve thousands of students across the Schools of Public Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Social Work.

Student Mentoring
Public Health Student Mentoring Program

This program matches graduate students looking to build mentorship skills with undergraduate mentees seeking academic, experiential and career advice beyond what academic advising offers. 

experiential learning
Public Health Capstone and Practicum Support Fund

Gifts to this fund support students during their undergraduate capstone and graduate practicum projects. These learning experiences provide opportunities to integrate and apply classroom learning in a real world public health work environment.

student wearing facemask
Public Health Student Emergency Fund

Assist students faced with unexpected financial obstacles which threaten their educational experience and enable us to provide responsive support.

For more information about the SPH Campaign for Students, please contact Megan Ingram, associate dean for advancement at the UW School of Public Health, at mkingram@uw.edu or 206-616-7197.